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  • PaeliasThePious
    Good evening! I read that you sometimes have connection with the G&S crew and hope you can help me out as I did something dumb and embarrassing! I recently sent a package, due to arrive tomorrow and completely forgot to pay for the return postage. Is there a way I can maybe email someone the return label? Sounds dumb, but needless to say I'm pretty embarrassed that I forgot. ><
    April 2017
  • t4topcat
    G'day, I'm new to the forums although I have been visiting the site now for a few months and am loving all the content. I too am wondering about contacting the Critical Role group either via email or snail mail as I would like to say a big thank you to them. Cheers Chris
    March 2016
  • Amithyst
    Hey, I'm new on this actual site but I've had a look around and seen you're the one to ask about contacting the Critical Role crew, Matt in particular. Just an email is fine if that's possible (if he has one for fan mail anyway) if not then an address to send a letter in. :3
    January 2016
  • The_Lucious
    Torontogal, I am looking to send a gift and a few letters of request (small things, nothing difficult) to the Dungeon Master of Critical Role, Mr Matthew Mercer. If you could provide a way to accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Love the show more every week!
    October 2015
  • MucBreath
    mucbreath here, a bit daft on online posting, after i create new discussion group/category then i do what, enter the episodes into the 'leave a comment' box at the bottom? (sorry to be a pain in the butt, and thanks)
    May 2015
  • atiarks
    Good Morning! (I'm sending this here so I can use more than the 140 characters of Twitter.) I'm selling some Magic the Gathering cards and have made an eBay listing so that I can get it out there to the public. In my ideal world, a member of the G&S Community would be the one to score the packs. I didn't know if there was a proper place on the forums for listing something like that. I don't want to post something like that on Spellslingers site for my own financial gain, even though it's the place with the correct audience. Any thoughts as a mod on where I could/should mention it so I can try to keep the fun in the family?
    December 2014
  • April 2014
  • Rhalius
    Hello, lately I can't post messages anymore. it says "body is required." as if I had not typed anything at all. Is there any way to fix this?
    November 2013
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  • liefre
    is 2 million your fave number/
    January 2013
  • badcat303
    I didn't notice the camera man in the sun glasses, I probably should have not said anything about the previous posts, but oh well, it was still a good episode, nice to see more of Felicia's backyard
    September 2012
  • torontogal joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    July 2012