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  • Dolnor
    Can I get a forum title called "Ender" since a lot of my posts seem to "end" the threads? LOL

    December 2015
    • Zuffy
      Sadly not, I've asked for custom titles in the past because I think they're a good idea but we still don't have them. :(

      Perhaps in the new year after all the forum changes we will have them.
  • Although this page is now more visible and less cluttered I'm still unlikely to take much notice of it. So don't consider it a reliable way to ask/tell me something. :)
    March 2015
  • Freyja
    A quick question on the Yellow table. Fnord and I (Freyja) each won 2 games and came in second on two games giving us the same number or wins (2) and points (36). Then it was to move on to longest train of which mine was 42 and Fnord's was 35. Did I misunderstand the points part of the tie breaker or something else? I am not trying to be a problem just curious.
    September 2014
  • TableTopWizard
    wellll the wizard is here to help organize this deal! Ticket to Ride Tourney
    August 2014
  • Beorn
    I must say I'm very disappointed in your decision to close the Geekdom and Religion thread just as it got started. As you yourself admitted, the thread did not technically violate the rules. Very close is not the same thing. In my opinion, geekdom is about not being afraid to discuss our differences as well as our similarities. Open, honest discussion is the key for everyone to get along. The post was not abusive or condemning to others who might believe differently. It was a plea for acceptance and you squashed it with unnecessary censorship. Personally I believe most of the geeks on these forums are mature enough to handle a discussion about our differences as well as our similarities. As it stands, you are the one looking judgemental and irrational here. Christians should not feel unwelcome to the forums any more than Buddhists, Muslims, Pagans, or any others of faith. You have now made them feel this way without cause.
    January 2014
    • Zuffy
      It was a joint decision to close the thread, between all mods and (active) admins. My personal opinion was that it was very close to violating the rules, the overall opinion was that it did violate the rules. Mainly because the thread was inflammatory, it's crux was falsehood intended to evoke a response, simple. The usual forum term for this is 'flamebait.' The thread was not censored, it is there for all to see, complete with reply illustrating what a non-flamebait post looks like.

      Something else to note, the forum admins have the last say in everything and they say discussion of religion & politics are to be avoided. This is not a new rule, for the forum or the people behind G&S.

      Finally, for me, this 'activity' page is full of 'stuff' if not for someone else mentioning this message to me I would have never seen it, it was at least ten pages down. I never check this page!
  • Zuffy joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 2012