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  • Oakspoor
    Jeff, I'm all in. I just need to have a small print copyright claim at the end to preserve my future publishing rights. That's what I needed to check out before I committed. Do you have something specific in mind? I could rework something I've posted already. I've also been playing with healthful sides to replace mashed potatoes or corn that I could have done in a few days. I also have some thoughts about fresh herbs. Please know that I have made every recipe I post, some more than others. I would like to suggest you try the ones I am presenting on your site so you can speak for your followers. Do you need me to send the article in any particular format? What is the desired word count? I seem to see 300-500 words as the range in your other postings. Anyway, lots of questions, I suppose, since I'm new to this. Thanks for the opportunity.
    April 2014
  • TableTopWizard
    well....that did not work....Maybe I am trying to host it off the wrong site or maybe I am doing something wrong in the code. I wonder if I sent you the picture collage, if you could set up the code for me to paste in there.... This is truly the only site I have ever come across that I cannot get a pic to show in the signature....
    July 2013
  • TheMightyJerd changed his profile picture.
    July 2012
  • Welcome Aboard!
    July 2012