Looking for D&D group (GMT Timezone)

Greetings everyone.
This will be my first post since I noticed the welcome forum looks pretty dead.

I'm a 30 years old nerd looking for a group to play with. I have been for years but never really reached out on the interwebs after some bad experiences. I live in a quiet small town in the Netherlands and would really prefer to use English. So finding an IRL group near me is practically impossible. I'm normally very quiet and reserved but i'm looking to change that. For the fun and also for my own benefits.

I'm looking to start simple with some D&D and eventhough i have very basic knowledge, treat me like a total beginner. I have great imagination and would love to put it to the test. Eventually, (probably a few years down the road) maybe even attempting to DM as that seems amazingly fun to me.

I have most of the necesities to play except for a dice set. Pens, papers, printers, multiple monitors.

I would like to find some people to stick around with rather than get (helpful) one shot games.
I have no quarel joining an ongoing campaign, but i do have hopes of sometime starting a long running game much like Critical Role. (which is how i got here)

If this is not the place for such questions or there just isnt much of a playing based community and it is more watchers of the show. Please direct me to where i would be able to find what i'm looking for.


  • Hi, you might be more successful finding people on sites like dndbeyond.com or maybe even reddit. However, I'm looking for an online D&D group as well for the same or at least a similar reason as you. Maybe we can team up, if you're still after this.
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