Secret Santa 2017

Dear fellow fans,

It has been a true pleasure and an honor to be the organizer of the Geek & Sundry Fans Secret Santa gift exchange over the last two years.  Thank you to each and every fan, and creator, who participated in the exchanges, as it has been a joy to interact with you via the Santa e-mail account.  I would also like to give special thanks to @molokov for setting up the whole thing and getting the ball rolling, too.

With that said, I will be stepping down this year.  Long story short, I only use the Forum for the Secret Santa Exchange, while I have increased my use of Facebook Groups and Twitter to interact with my fellow fans.  Also, as the Exchange grew (we got it up to 100 people!!!), it became harder to keep track of all the gifts being passed along, and whether or not they had been sent/received.

If anyone would like to volunteer as the new lead on the exchange, please let me know and I will gladly pass along the information to the Santa account on the Forum, as well as the [email protected] account, so that the tradition can continue.  If nobody steps forward, I will keep the information on the accounts and just let them go dormant.

In the time being, I will be setting up a new Secret Santa, outside of these forums, using the Elfster service.  This will allow it to be larger, easier to access for new fans, and reach a larger audience.  I hope that nobody feels betrayed by this change, and you are ALL WELCOME TO JOIN THE NEW GIFT EXCHANGE.  Once it is up and running, I will post an update with a link.  Of course, if a person steps up and continues an exchange that is run here on the Forums, I will not post the link here, as I would not want to compete directly.

Thank you all for the fun!

Ho Ho Ho!!
-Andy Tiarks


  • Hi Andy,
    Given that these forums died at least 12 months ago (i.e. G&S forgot about them, and hardly anyone posts any more), it's not a big deal.

    If G&S has a community anywhere anymore, it's not taking place on these forums. I know that Team Hooman have forums, but they're also not really all that active. There seems to be a large group of Critters out there who must be interacting somewhere, so maybe they'll participate in a grand G&S community secret santa...

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  • Nowadays, I honestly only use the forums to know when the SS is held. I sincerely hope to take part in that experience again this year. If it is run using another service, that would be totally fine. Especially if it makes it better for the organizers. So i'll gladly wait for more information. Sharing all links via or to G&S might help inform all new fans and old participants.
  • I only use the forums for SS, as well. I'm really disappointed that it isn't happening this year. I could/would do my best to help with the exchange itself. Especially if I could have a bit of assistance with it from someone else.
  • XironsamaXironsama Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    So I found out that they did start a SS. Only forgot to mention where to find it. They started it via the team hooman forums. I'll give you the link to the post on those forums.

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