What makes Batman, Batman?

With the announcement of a new Batman game from Monolith, I was wondering, what would make this one stand out from the crowd of other Batman games...

My first thought is that it needs to feel like Batman. 
1)There needs to be stealth. This gives way to great strategy, picking off the weak enemy's and busting into a room, taking out a group. 
2)There needs to gadgets. Explosives. Drones. Tripwires. 
3) Inner monologues. Nothing beats the sound of a gravelly voice, explaining why you do, what you do, before you do it.

What are your thoughts?


  • And which characters would you like to see going head to head with the Dark Knight?

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    Batman the boardgame is  the same team that brought us Conan. Using the same system as Conan "THS" (Tactical Homeostatic System) but with tweaks to make it fit into the Batman Universe. Let me answer a few questions for you

    What changes are there from Conan?
    A seventh characteristic appears: intelligence, which will represent the ability to solve problems, hack computer equipment ...
    Heroes' can now choose a Defense and Recovery action.
    When "The Villain" (the Overlord in Conan) activates a unit, there is no restriction on movement being the first action.
    Overlord units now have additional features like Manipulation or Intelligence.
    Two new dice have evolved with a specific breakdown of successes to better represent certain actions.
    And many other evolution!

    Will there be any crossovers?
    Other superheroes will not be in this game, due to the fact that "they" are SUPERHEROS. Superheros have super powers that would out balance the system of the game. Batman is a highly trained...man. Like his colleagues and some of his adversaries. So there will be no Justice League, sorry to say.

    Conan, even with the same system, will not be tied into Batman. Even if Conan has crossed a lot of people in his career, it would be too far removed from the two universes. But nothing stops you from creating your own scenarios, if you own both games. It will, just not me one of the things that Monolith will attempt at this time. The Batman Universe is already a big one.

    So, what will be in the box?
    Like Conan, there will be 2 double sided boards with 4 different environments, 8 scenarios and more than 100 figures. This is the base box, with no KS exclusives or add-ons.

    Will it be available in stores after the Kickstarter has finished?
    A big no...Monolith have learnt from their Conan experience with  distribution at reasonable prices, is not viable. But that is not stopping local stores from backing multiple copies of the game, and then selling them on.

    And finally, the big questions.
    When will the Kickstarter be coming?
    As soon as Mythic Battles starts shipping, expect the KS to go live

    Anyone else excited?
  • Here is a video of the game, in it's present state:

  • I found something that might related to your question of what makes Batman, Batman? It is a video trying to talk about some philosophy concepts that might related to Batman. The video is titled Is Batman JUST? - 8-Bit Philosophy, posted by Wisecrack. I found the video interesting.

  • LOL! great video
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