Curse You, Dream Wheaton!

Friends do NOT let friends watch TableTop with a fever. I know this because I am a 1/1 Plague Rat.

For those of you who don’t use old school Magic: The Gathering cards as personal disease indicators, that means I’m sick and all others in my household are hale.

Fever, headache, scratchy voice, dubious nasal status. Plague Rat.

To make myself feel better I hauled my laptop and sausage dog into my comfy blanket nest in bed to watch TableTop. And I fell asleep watching it. Because DISEASED.

In my fevered state I dreamed a dream.

I dreamed that I met Wil Wheaton at the County Fair. In a convention center room. Which was also at Sea World. And Mr. Dream Wheaton and his wife asked my friends and I if we wanted to play a card game. Of course Dream Us said yes.

But it was too noisy to communicate in dream room at County Fair Convention at Sea World. So we all went outside. But it was too sunny, so we had to move a third time, into the shade. In a hallway at a school.

Lots of locations, this dream.

Anyway, all us dream people get settled and dream Will Wheaton pulls out a card game that was a beautiful combination of my friend’s game Short Order Heroes and an Uno deck. With mechanics that were a cross between Once Upon a Time and Dixit. A great family game, dream Will said as he dealt the cards.

Then he LEFT! *sniffle*

Dream Will said he and his wife had to go do something. But they’d be RIGHT back. So dream me is hanging out in this hallway at The School At The County Fair That’s Really Sea World. Guarding everyone’s stuff. Waiting for dream Will to come back and teach us all this great card game.

But dream Will Wheaton NEVER CAME BACK. And then I woke up. I'm laughing now, but it was mildly traumatic at the time.

This never happens when I fall asleep to NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Dream Peter Seagle would never leave me hanging.

Next time I slip into a fever laced slumber, Mr. Will Wheaton, you better come back and play this game! The cards are all dealt and everything.


  • Hilarious!
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  • TriencoTrienco Member, Moderator
    I bet he didn't even leave you the rule book...
  • Now I've got the chorus of Dream Wheaton stuck in my head, to the tune of Journey's Dream Weaver, as performed by Neil Patrick Harris and the cast of Dr. Horrible. I blame the Thoroughbred of Sin.
  • toggle47toggle47 Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    I'm still a fresh user, but in my year or so lurking on the G&S site - this has to be the greatest topic I've ever read.

    "this hallway at The School At The County Fair That’s Really Sea World" has me cracking up right now.

    And I would have been able to walk away and potentially forget the horrors of dream Wil and his walking away... until I read what @Farlander said.  Now I'm humming Dream Wheaton and will never think of Journey the same again.

    Well played G&S community... well played indeed.
  • Sounds like this is the same version of Will Wheaton that appears in the big bang.

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