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Hello, Internet!

I just... wow. Really. That's all I got. Three letters. WOW. I'm here because enough of you saw something interesting enough in me and for that I can't thank you enough. The competition was fierce to say the least (talent-wise that is, I was so happy to see so much camaraderie among the contestants!) and I couldn't be more honored to be one of the final ten. 

I hope you check out everyone's forums and say 'hi'. I can't wait to see what everyone is going to do--or for a chance to collaborate with any of them. We may have different specific passions but already I can see there's a good vibe in the group. 

...but you probably aren't here to read me gushing about everyone else, are you?

So I've an insatiable curiosity--earned me the obvious nickname that you see adorning my icon. By the way, can we just take a moment and applaud the designer of these? They absolutely rock. /tangent

On Kiriosity, we're going to get our nerd on and investigate various aspects of what makes up things we love. Whether it's talking about the evolution of the concept of ninja (as seen in my last video for G&S), interviewing creators of various kinds or even looking into what it takes for Lara Croft to climb a rock face with her bare hands.

Basically we're here to learn and we're here to do it together.

What kind of things gets your curiosity stirring? The psychology of Sherlock? The various martial arts influences that went into creating each bending style of Avatar: The Last Airbender? 

Let's get a little down and nerdy...

...I have a thing for dumb puns, I'm sorry.


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    Nice forum. Seems sturdy, built to last. Will need to do some decorating though.

    Honestly, I find myself curious about everything. I used to read my Brittanicas just to find out about things. Though I would imagine that they are pretty out of date now. even now when I don't know or want to know something, the great internet hunt begins.

    Viva la Retrolution!
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  • It's alright, I still think it was punny :P Thanks for posting this, it is awesome to see these forums now, although I have never been a big fan of them. I will learn, in time, to get used to them since you have this now :) Also, I am glad you made it as far as you did and was proud to be able to have been a multi social media promoter of your vlog voting page and videos during the voting. You made it far, and, in my book, you won the contest hands down. Best of luck in all you do, and best wishes to you in all your future videos, projects, blogs, treasure hunts, and future trips in random strangers blue boxes.
  • Ooh, the psychology of Sherlock sounds fun.
  • @Kiri I liked the pun, everyone needs a catch phrase right? I generally find my curiosity peaks when I think about psychological implications of characters or even real people for that matter. I like to guess what they are thinking, and why they are doing the crazy stuff that people do.

    @fiendish_Imp I must admit that the 7 year old version of myself read encyclopedias extensively.
  • The psychology of game design in regards to rewarding user behaviour in MMOs, particularly reward scheduling and behavioural psychology.

    Crap, almost sounded like a grown up there.
    Playing old games, due to nostalgia and poverty.

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  • Don't worry, @Scottplysbadgames, you saved yourself at the end. :D

    That is a pretty intriguing topic, though, and it applies to loot-based games like Diablo 2 and Borderlands, which are so insidiously addictive. How did they arrive at the formula for the item drop rates, rarities, and so forth, and how much did they tweak the balance during testing?
  • @Scottplaysbadgames I'd be interested in your opinion on the achievement system that Xbox employs and how it drives gamers to the point of playing games they hate just to up their GS.
  • Or even the insanely difficult settings on games that require hundreds of hours in game-play just to get them all.  I'm currently at 707 hours on CIV 5 with only 25% of the achievements.
  • @Kiri

    It can probably be broken down to a few sub-motivators.

    Part of it is setting up a reward schedule so that the next reward isn't that far away. WoW actually does this really well, cause the next level up is always in sight, and there's always some tasty loot that pops up now and again.

    Another part of it is just getting everything for completion's sake. I sadly own 'Batman and Robin' on Blu Ray for much the same reasons.

    You could also look at value associated with individual achievements, and how they impact on gamer-self image, as well as bragging rights. I do now and again go after certain achievements just to see if I can do it, sort of as a test of skill.

    Playing old games, due to nostalgia and poverty.

    "Go forth and screw up!" - Motto of the New Vlogger Army

    Here's my channel -
  • I never really understood the Xbox achievements. They often seem so arbitrary, and have no bearing on the game. I can only think of one game - Mass Effect? - that actually used the achievements to give you in-game effects and perks like the Badass points in Borderlands 2.

    Mostly the "Achievement Unlocked" pop-ups seem like an annoying distraction, like when a cable station rolls some animated ad over the corner of the screen during a show you really like. I don't want Xbox icons flashing on screen during gameplay. What are the points good for? Why do I get "achievements" for watching the opening credits and completing the tutorial? You literally cannot play through the beginning of most games without collecting a bunch of these rewards, but if you look through the achievement page you see other things that are ridiculously difficult.

    The Portal games did have achievement challenges that were fun, just working with the mechanics of portaling. I still didn't care about collecting points, but the challenges added a layer to the game, like another series of puzzles to solve.

    Maybe the gamer scores serve some purpose online? Besides bragging rights? I never play online, so I don't know how the achievements might work, there.
  • Regarding games and so on, one of my favorite series online is Extra Credits, which does a TON of navel gazing in the VG industry, and has covered topics such as VG Music, Achievements, and Game Compulsion.
  • For the Xbox Achievements and Gamer Score, I read a great article (which I can't find now, of course) about them, Playstation's version, and Steam.  Steam actually gives you things, in the way of collectable "cards" that can be bought, sold, traded, whatever, and let you change your avatar or other purely cosmetic choices.  This is creating a pull towards Steam and is something that Microsoft and Sony are missing out on (for now).
  • Hi Kiri! I have to say I'm a big fan of your vlog series so far, this is just the kind of stuff I like delving into. I'm going to guess from the first episode  that you're a pretty big Tolkein fan? ME TOO! I'm actually also a bit of a linguistics nerd as well, and I really REALLY want to learn to speak Elvish, or at least be able to read it (not even kidding). Have you ever been curious about Tolkein's languages? 
    Keep being awesome! 

  • @teaganliz Oh my gosh, I love that he wanted to create a world and mythology and the linguistics part is just... I can't even wrap my brain how one would go about creating that. It makes me wish I'd been more interested in that particular aspect when I was younger since learning languages is easier in your more formative years. 
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