Hi there!

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Hi there! 


I'm Cristina! I'm from San Francisco and I do a lot of fun schtuff with videos and photography. I enjoy eating... probably so much that it affects my health, video games, graphic design, funny looking animals, and pretty much anything and everything! Also, I write in caps... BECAUSE ITS LIKE SHOUTING MY FEELINGS! :D

Anyways, you guys know quite a bit about me so I want to get to know more about you too :D 

1. Where you guys are from 
2. If you had to eat one food forever what would it be?
3. What you guys want to learn more about videography/photography

I will leave you with my all time favorite photo. I swear I printed this classic out and shoved it in my wallet at one point.




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  • Hi!!!

    I'm from Toronto and I could totes stuff my face with ramen forever if I had to >:D
    And it'd be really neat to learn how to effectively use different exposure settings in photography :$

    Now then . . .

    I'm just going to leave this here...

  • I'm from Pennsylvania (all on the other side of the country), and I would eat peanut butter and chocolate forever if I could. Putting a Hershey kiss on a slice of bagel in the toaster oven and peanut butter on the other slice (after taking out of the oven) might have been my most enjoyable experience regarding food. XD

    Like @AJAnthonyB, I'm also interested in learning more about exposure settings. Especially because I do papercraft, I want to figure out how to adapt my pictures under different lighting scenarios and still get a quality photo. Heck, just the use of lighting and how to make it fit your needs would interest me! ^-^
  • I'm here in Maryland...

    If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life? Thai mangoes and sticky rice. I'd get fat as hell, but I'd enjoy it at least.

    As far as the specifics of the camera stuff, I am desperately trying to get my mind wrapped around trying to understand how to balance the size of the lens, the aperture, the ISO and the crop factor to get the effects I want. I use a Nikon D5100 DSLR for both my photography and videography.

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  • Hi Cristina!

    I'm from Montana (insert appropriate amazement at having the internet here). and if I was limited to one food it would most definitely be cheesecake. I am assuming that we are ignoring all negative factors in this scenario with this selection. As far as video and photography I know precious little, but I hope to gain an understanding from your vlogs!
  • Hello! i'm from Argentina, (so english is not my first language, sorry if my writing is akward), and i could live basically on milanesas (which are a classic down here) and shawarma! (not so classic but still delicious)
    As for the videography question, im kinda geek (im on this forums after all) with the montage theories and solutions, composition and (something you are expert on) the art of color and illumination!
  • BUT WHAT FLAVOR OF RAMEN? Personally I love korean spicy ramen… OR ANYTHING SPICAYYY!! Exposure is something I'll definitely cover :D 

    @draiken that is some innovative dessert combo you got going there. I've never even thought of peanut butter chocolate bagel!! Have you've ever tried blueberry bagels with nutella. UGGHHHGUUA SO GOOD!!! I'll be sure to do an episode on lighting. Were you more interested in video lighting or photography?

    @themightyjerd Its okay if you were stuck on a deserted island the extra fat would be handy! Its really hard to get into manual for videography but its a good habit. I forced myself to use manual in the beginning and never looked back since!

    @francis_w MONTANA?!? Where even is that? Just kidding! Cheesecake is so delicious… especially with coffee because it cuts down the fattiness feeling and you can consume more!! BWAHAHA! 

    @tutazaek I'm from America and my writing is still awkward… WE CAN BE AWKWARD TOGETHER . - . I've never had those types of food! Must.. google… now… and find somewhere to consume! 
    Montages are my favorite! I'm not really a fan of talking in front of the camera and jump cuts but getting use to it now HAHA! Thats the usual form of vlogging but I try to shove montages in whenever I can. 

  • @CristinaViseu I order chocolate chip bagels with peanut butter a lot on campus, so using the Hershey kiss was an experiment to effectively make my own Reese's bagel. XD  I'll definitely have to try the blueberry+nutella combo the next time I get a chance! I'm more interested in photography-related lighting, but I can always use advice on video lighting in the future :)

  • My name is Shane and I'm from Las Vegas.  It's hot.  My food choice would be Sushi/Sashimi.  It seems perfect for a desert island and there could be some variety.  As for what I want to learn. . . editing.  I am terrible at this, but I'm not completely sure if it's me and not just my editing program. . . which was free and I'm pretty sure is terrible.  So, maybe how to edit on a budget of roughly. . .zero of the dollars?
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    @ajanthonyb shin ramen is the best! Its my staple -dies from spiciness-

    @iceservant Ah sashimi is the best! ESPECIALLY... TORO -explodes- but yes I will go over how to film for editing! Aside from color correction/special effects work/animations basic editing doesn't require fancy software. 
  • Awesome and thank you.  Both for loving the sashimi and going into editing.  Also, now I'm hungry.
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    Hello, my name is Randy and I am from Maryland.  As for food choice, hmmm, I would have to say it is would be Bulgogi, a lovely Korean dish.

    As for what I want out of this channel, I am always looking for new ideas for filming. If possible, I would like to help out others if they need it.

    If anyone is interested, here is a little time lapse I shot a few weeks ago, share and enjoy:

    Here is the link,
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