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The Guild Companion, So Good, it Deserves its Own Thread...

ZuffyZuffy Member, Moderator
edited July 2013 in Geek & Sundry Discussion
Having recieved my copy yesterday (July 23, 3 days prior to the UK release date, somehow. :S ), I've read just less than a quarter of it, although I did only start today :P, and so far I'm enjoying it very much. It really is full of interesting information and 'trivia'. I'd highly recommend it on the textual content alone, in addition the book itself is of very high quality despite being a paperback. The print quality of the images and illustrations is also very good.

I do have a single word of caution, "fingerprints!" yes the paper used has a finish that 'attracts' fingerprints (although I'd guess that the finish is required to obtain the print quality). Luckily I have seen this finish in other books (as I'm sure most people have) so as soon as I opened it I knew not to touch the pages, except at the edges. I also put the book down to go wash my hands, thoroughly! :D (and I will do so everytime before reading it)

To anyone reading this who does not have a copy (on the way), GO!, BUY!, NOW! You will be very pleased!

@feliciaday I thought you would like to know that I've been smiling to myself the whole time I've spent reading the book so far. :D
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  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    edited July 2013 PM
    @Zuffy - thanks so much for starting this thread!  I'm also a proud owner of 'The Guild: The Official Companion'.  And as you said, it's a great book, and a lovely tribute to the collaborative journey that went into the creation of an amazing show :)

    I really enjoyed how a lot of topics (character, seasons, production, music videos, etc) were discussed in the words of the cast and crew themselves.  E.g., it's structured so that there will be a paragraph of thoughts from Felicia or from Sandeep or from Kim, etc.  Hearing it in their voices adds a really cool sense of authenticity and personalization.

    It was also really interesting to have a peek at some of the never-before-seen insights into the creative process (like Felicia's original hand-written notes, and unused character names, etc).

    Speaking as a fan, the book provides a great nostalgic overview of the show.  As someone who's done a lot of long-winded analysis of The Guild, it was really gratifying to see confirmations of certain themes and subtext that I've always perceived within the show.  Over in the S6 finale thread, I've talked in detail about how in my opinion, The Guild is ultimately about this group of people who grow to support one another, and become a family...

    So I found it very gratifying and touching to read that Felicia's very first brainstorming idea for The Guild was the following line - 'They take care of each other, become each other's family'.

    It just goes to show that from the very start, The Guild had a poignant underlying message and a consistent theme that carried through right until the end.  And the Guild Companion is a fantastic insight into the journey of the family that arose around the show.  There's the family that was formed amongst the characters onscreen - and there's the family that was formed amongst the cast-and-crew behind the scenes :)

    As always, The Guild was a labor of love, and that certainly shines through in the book.  I definitely recommend that fellow Guildies check it out!

  • feliciadayfeliciaday Administrator, Moderator
    Thanks you guys!  I really put a lot of work into it and am so grateful that you enjoyed it.  It was very heartwarming and sad and at the same time cathartic to summarize 6 years of my life in a book :)
  • briankameokabriankameoka Member
    edited July 2013 PM
    Thanks for starting this thread, I tweeted it on The Guild's Twitter.  I actually haven't read the whole book yet but read bits and pieces at Comic-Con.  One of my favorite unintended side effects was all the Guildies treating it like a yearbook and getting autographs in it - not just of the cast of The Guild but of other "friends you know through The Guild."  I suspect this will continue at further Cons and meetups.  Just another way that The Guild lives on!
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  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    edited July 2013 PM
    @FeliciaDay - thank you so much for the kind reply and for using this book as such a lovely reminiscence of the journey you've traveled with the show.  One thing I'm deeply happy about is that because The Guild resides on the internet, it exists in perpetuity, just waiting to be found by new fans...

    Unlike a traditional television series, where you need to watch it at a certain time, or catch a rerun in a specific time-slot, The Guild is available on the net 100% on the time.  Which makes it this charming treasure that will continue to be discovered by continuing waves of new viewers.  In that sense, The Guild remains a living, breathing entity - because beyond the fans who have seen it and loved it, it will continue to be 'new' to the vast set of people who have yet to experience it :)

    As you said above, I'm sure you must have had mixed emotions when reflecting on the significance of The Guild within the past six years of your life.  And as you bravely and touchingly noted in your interview with USA Today, it must be difficult to look ahead into the future when moving forward from something as meaningful as The Guild.  I got a bit teary-eyed reading about those struggles, but I thank you for sharing them, as I'm sure a lot of readers can relate to similar times in their lives.

    From a fan's perspective, I've always felt that you've graciously given so much of yourself to us, via your time, effort, kindness, and creativity.  But my sincere hope is that you don't feel shackled by a need to keep us happy - because you've given us so very much already!...

    If anything, it's we fans that owe you a debt of gratitude.  And given the outpouring of work you've put into the last six years, you're very much deserving of some quiet time to pause and reflect and feel like yourself.  I'm glad that you have friends and loved ones that you can lean on.  And when creative inspiration strikes, I hope it comes from a place of joy rather than a sense of duty.  Thank you for continuing to let us walk with you on your travels :)

    @BrianKameoka - thank you so much for linking to this thread via the official Guild twitter (and thank you for being the voice behind that great account!).  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the feature on the Guild of Extras that highlighted your point about how the Guild Companion was used as an impromptu yearbook to connect Guildies.  It's yet another example of the tremendous community spirit encouraged by the show :)
  • ZuffyZuffy Member, Moderator
    edited July 2013 PM
    @BrianKameoka I feel like I should have written a better first post now. :S Anyway, thanks to 'the book' I'm not completely clueless as to how you're connected with The Guild! :)

    @feliciaday Since posting I've finished reading the book, making it the first book I've finished in 5 years! I think the QR codes are a really nice touch (you really do cover all bases) and that all the hard work that has gone into producing this really does show.

    If someone had asked me two years ago what or who I was a fan of, my answer would have been "nothing" or "no-one." If they asked me now, the what would be 'The Guild' followed by other shows on G&S and the who would be you.

    Also, I agree 100% with everything @torontogal has said above, I'm not sure how but she always seems able to sum up what we're all thinking.
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  • MolokovMolokov Member, Moderator
    I've got it on my 'to read' shelf... too many other books to get to first (but it might go to the head of the list once I finish Kevin Hearne's "Hunted")
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  • Jamc888Jamc888 Member, Moderator
    Really looking forward to reading this! I've read the introduction and flicked through it briefly, it looks amazing so far. Thanks again to @torontogal for accurately summing up my feelings somehow :)
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  • I was blown away that Titan used so much of my art. Especially for the Limited Edition--that was very surprising! And it's so wonderful to see so many of my friends featured in the behind the scenes photos.
    I read it on the plane ride home!
  • I am so upset I didn't pick up a copy at SDCC.

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  • Shortly after the first round of the Vlogger search ended, I received an offer from Titan Books for a review copy of The Official Companion. I'm blown away by the quality of the book. It's as well-planned as the series itself and features a whole lot of information and material that didn't pop up in the annotated series or the behind the scenes videos for season 5 and 6. Here's my full review:

    I honestly cannot say enough nice things about the book. I wish every behind the scenes/companion book had this much care and effort put into it. I'm seeing if any of my contacts are willing to carry the review or link to the book so more potential readers can find out about it. Thanks to @FeliciaDay and everyone involved for putting out something this nice for fans of The Guild. 
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