Gaming paradigms yet to be explored

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Codex - Nerdy misanthrope

Zaboo - Socially underdeveloped tech-y

Something I'd like to see in the guild is the closet gamer. The guy/girl that's a professional and does their gaming on the low.

I run into this all the time. When I enlisted in the Army in 03' a buddy invited me to a game and I sat down and got comfortable. In walks the Company Commander - a man who it is illegal for us to associate with off-duty under military law. Quite dramatic ending there- A guy ratted him out and we had to continue the campaign without our monk :(  .

And once again

When I got married, my wife had this idea that only people like the "The Guild" cast play games. I finally talked her into allowing me to organize D&D in the house and you know who was the first to respond? The head of psychology at the local university. A tenured professor/author ... in her field of study. And he brought along his buddies: A producer at the TV station down town and a forensic investigator for the state. I was the lowest paid/ least professional guy at the table.


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    I think Tink fits that mold. In the first couple seasons, she was very careful to keep her two lives separate.
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  • ha.. one of my old gaming buddies teaches psychology, hypnotherapy and has considered for years whether to write a book about the possible applications of RPG in therapy or as a parallel to use for therapy.
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