A Tricky Question - Who's Your Favorite Character?



  • How can I choose? All the characters bring something unique to the show. I choose.... Nope, can't do it. They're all great.  :D
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  • Codex for being the voice of reason..sort off.. and for at least trying to make sense.
    Floyd for..being and doing everything else.
  • Personally, I agree with @Haamurabai. I like all the characters for different reasons; for what they each bring to the show. I identify most with Cyd but I also identify with Tink's desire to maintain personal distance and using a bitchy facade to do so (although I'm not exploitative like she is). However, even though I don't identify with the other characters, I find them equally entertaining.
  • In my mind, Codex and Vork stand out. I think they've consistently got the best lines on the show. I love Codex's remarks in passing within otherwise "normal" lines and Vork's constant use of gaming terms for everyday situations.

    Zaboo and Tink have had their good moments too.

    I need to mention Fawkes as well : I've followed and liked Wil's work (acting & writing, now TableTop) for many years now, and Fawkes is no exception.

    I like Clara and Bladez a little less than the other regulars.
  • I have to say Codex, Clara, and Zaboo. All the characters had their funny moments, but Codex really "stood out" (she was really well played by Felicia). Clara had me laughing the most. And "Zaboo" was just really cute! I mean who wouldn't let Zaboo stay at their place if he suddenly showed up? ;)
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    Codex for so many reasons, stated so much better, by other posters than I could ever hope to do. 

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  • Depends on what you mean by favorite... funniest? most likeable? identifiable? I agree with Jason... Clara is the funniest (not that they are not ALL funny). I can see Codex/Cyd being somewhat autobiographical. How Felicia writes Clara and Vork so well amazes me.  Zaboo could be based on gamers or fans that she has met, I suppose. 
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    Hey @JNelson welcome to the G&S Forums.

    Its pretty well documented that Codex is based at least partially on Felicia and some of her own personal issues. There are lines and moments, especially in the first few seasons, that I can identify with very strongly and I will always be a Codex fan because of that.  

    Personally I tend to regard Vork as the funniest, but then I'm a big Jeff Lewis fan in general.

    Still based on your various posts as a whole I'm surprised you didn't pick Wiggly as your favorite character ;)

    Love The Guild and/or Choose Your Own Adventure Novels? Then make sure to check out The Trials of Codex.

  • Thanks, Alan (if I parse that correctly).

    Yes, I just discovered the annotated full seasons today, and have only re-watched seasons 1 and 2.  Some of Zaboo's mannerisms are borrowed from Felicia's brother... doesn't surprise me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Codex fan (huge fan of Felicia Day, really), and I love all the characters.  Clara and Vork are the funniest... Wiggly just got the biggest laugh (that I recall) from season 6.  I've only watched season 6 once.

    And I have to keep in mind that Felicia wrote 90% of what Clara, Tink, Vork, etc. are saying, although there is some improv. So in a sense Felicia is the funniest, but the actors still have to deliver the performances.
  • alanalmeriaalanalmeria Member, Moderator

    Yep, that's me successfully parsed away. ;-)

    With respect to the improv, the vast majority of it comes from Vork and Zaboo, who do standup with Felicia in LA, and had the characters specifically written for them. 

    As the seasons go on, everyone starts to throw in there own lines as they learn the characters better, and as Felicia gets to know them personally, she starts to include their mannerisms in the scripts as well.

    Its probably also worth mentioning Sean Becker (Director S2-S5) who comes up with many of the best visual improv moments and is one of the oft-times lesser heralded architects of the Guild's success.

    PS: Nice to see someone posting on the Guild Forums, they have been pretty dead since the show ended.



    Love The Guild and/or Choose Your Own Adventure Novels? Then make sure to check out The Trials of Codex.

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    Yes, I'm watching season 3 with the annotations... one of my favorite moments is the Batman transition using the Finn Smulders head!  So funny, and now I know that it was Sean Becker.

    How old are these people that they know the original Adam West Batman?

    Felicia's references always amaze me (or perhaps they are contributed as well).  Pong was released 7 years before she was born! 
  • Vlork. I love how he is so serious when he talks, but what he is saying is so funny,
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  • @jnelson  you'd be surprised what people know. like i'm 30 but i grew u watching everything from i love lucy and bewitched all the way to the hulk tv show and other various shows from the 80's wee back to the 50's. reruns can be awesome :D
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  • Vork is the Best. of Course everyone is cool, and played their roll really nice, but i cant hide my sympathy for Vork. I also like the social ''skills'' of Codex.
  • My favourite character would definitely be Vork. His pedantic style is so funny and likeable, but only because im watching it and hes not my real neighbour. The reason why i didnt name Codex instead is, because it is felicia that im liking in Codex and not the character itself. Im thinking about who im disliking the most and if i know it i will post that too. ~Urist
  • Since the guild was my introduction to Felicia Day I can honestly say that Codex is my favorite character. I only got to know Felicia Day after I finished watching the guild, only discovered it a year ago.

    Especially the webcam bits are so relateable.
  • Mine are:

    1 Codex, 2 Vorok, 3 Zaboo, 4 Clara/Tink, 6 Bladezz

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  • I choose Fawkes! Nothing puts the Knights of Good in better relief than a magnificent, scenery-chewing villain, and the Axis of Anarchy frontman is their perfect foil.

    If I'm trying to identify with one of the Guildies, though, it would be Codex, because she's such a clear introvert. And the story's really told through her character, so the audience most naturally sympathizes with her, anyway.
  • I am a big fan of Clara and Vork.  These characters generated a lot of comedic value for the show.
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    The writing in this show is amazing
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