A Tricky Question - Who's Your Favorite Character?



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    I have to choose Bladezz. He's a rebel, a thorn under the saddle that makes the horse run wild. Bladezz always tries to break the Guild out of their ruts.
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    For me... it's got to be tink. She's just too much fun. 

    I relate the most to her (which i'm not sure is a good thing or bad thing). Almost every online game I've been a little impatient. For the longest time, my nickname in my guild was tink.... 

    in reality, my 2 favs are tink and codex... mostly because i'm also a little neurotic (okay a lot neurotic) like her. 
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    Vork is definitely my favorite, he's got endless 1 liners, quips, and the detailed rants about nonsensical garbage are hilarious. He manages to make the littlest things funny, when Codex was talking about the centaur mount at the beginning of season 2 and Vork just looked at her with a dead serious face and said "As stimulating as it would be to ride a half-man.." I just lost it.
  • Vork is at the top of my list followed closely by Zaboo.  I absolutely love the character interaction between these two.  The season where Zaboo moves in with Vork had me rolling on the floor in laughter.
  • Vork. I can just imagine myself in a few years being just like him, and I will be proud. I can relate to him so much already, he is the gamer in all of us.
  • I totally see a Vork in my hubby @Thecybarnesy he has his lists and money making schemes and when we met in game he would give me a time to be on vent cos it was free lmao. 
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  • My favorite character has changed as the seasons go by... when it started it was definitely Codex and Vork. 

    By season 3 though the front-runner, by far for me, was Clara.  I don't know if it just the material they give her, or Robyn herself, but everytime she has a line I find myself laughing.  She is definitely my favorite character for now.

    The best thing about them all though is how grounded in reality they are.  I have gamed with every single one of those archetypes! 


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  • This really is a tricky question. I love them all for very different reasons. I think because they're all such unique characters it's really hard to compare one over the other. Vork makes me laugh probably more than anyone. I agree, though, that Codex is not a typical mainstream lead & I love that about her. She's very easy to relate to & so are the awkward situations she finds herself in. I also love Tinkerballa, her very tough persona is a great contrast to Codex's more meek personality traits. Clara is just so loveable, she's someone you'd want to know in real life because she's such a positive person. Not to mention the hilarity that ensues as a result of her attempt at balancing family & gaming. Zaboo is always endearing & adorable. I really don't feel like I could imagine the show without any of them =)
  • Gotta be Vork, there's so many utterly fantastic scenes with him. Don't get me wrong all the characters are great but Vork is the stand out for me. What I love about The Guild though is that the chemistry between all of the main characters is just fantastic, it's rare to see it done so well. So while Vork is my favourite, I think being part of the group is what makes the characters work so well.
  • Gahh! I can't choose!

    I like Codex because of her little monologues and how she tries to rally everyone together all the time. Felicia Day is truly an inspiration and plays her epicly well. I really like how each episode starts with her and her amazing antics.

    Clara is incredible too because she's just so ditzy and...is hyper unleashed! Robin Thorsen has her down perfectly and she always brings a smile to my face! It's hard not to smile with Clara on the screen.

    Vork I like because he just inspires the most facepalms. I love the way Jeff Lewis deadpans through all of Vork's penny pinching ways in a manner that makes me go "Whoaa O_O" and "Awwh >.<" at the same time.

    Sandeep Parikh is epic win as Zaboo. At first Zaboo made me cringe with the way he was after Codex, but he evolved into a very likeable character ultimately and he's portrayed really nicely. Not to mention how Sandeep has great comedic timing which really comes through brilliantly in Zaboo.

    Amy Okuda makes a very earnest and likeable Tinkaballa. She's got just the right amount of sugar and spice to pull her off perfectly! Plus she's also a dancer! Woot! (All of the cast are insanely multi-talented imho.) Tink comes off really endearing towards the end and she's really cute.

    I admire Vincent Caso for his talent and his ability to rock that hairstyle. He plays Bladezz really nicely with just the right amount of pzazz, making the character both facepalmy at times yet relatable and likeable.

    I think the whole cast is just amazing and they wouldn't be complete without the complementary talents of people such as Maurissa Tancharoen and behind the scenes geniuses like Greg Aronowitz. I have no clue how Felicia managed to gather them and a slew of other brilliant people. I guess that kind of genius just gravitates towards each other.
  • Definitely Bladez. Hes just such a little perverted shit. hahah
  • Codex all the way. Not only for the cuteness but also for the slightly erratic behavior sometimes.

  • Scarlett said:
    "I love Codex and Bladezz because I often feel like I'm a nerdy chick with a dirty teenage boy's mind. Haha!"

    Will you marry me?  :-D

    I gotta go with Codex too.  Character-wise, that's me - trying to solve problems and bring people together but never getting it quite right.  Out of character - I have a soft spot (or would that be a hard spot?  ;-)p   ) for redheads.
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  • I will definitely have to go with Vork.

    His humor is just my style. His jokes make me crack  up every time, he also seems to fit the role of that guy or gal we all know who spends a little bit to much time at the video games you play with them.

    I also am pretty stingy with my in-game gold so he kind of reminds me of myself :)
  • As much as I identify with Codex, I honestly love Tink. She gets more laughs out of me than any of the others. 

  • Cubby!  Ok, ok, two seconds of screen time does not a main character make.  I think I am going to go with Clara.  She is a horrible wife and mother, but I find it continually hilarious.   I can totally identify with her complete lack of maternal instinct (dont worry I dont have kids).  Robin does a great job taking a character that on paper seems completely detestable and making her likable. 
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  • I love Codex but I identify most with Vork. Sad but true.
  • Codex, pretty much for all the reasons already mentioned above, but also because she is the character I can relate to the most. Although Clara is a close second and probably the one which I quote the most often :)
  • Hmm pretty hard to say since it's the combination of the different characters that makes the guild so much fun.
    First choice for obvious reasons would be codex: She is a the shy nice geek girl and she is also stronger than she looks. I also likes her monologues in front of the Webcam which makes her something like the Narrator of the story and gives her the oppotunity to tell us about her motivations.

    But then there is Zaboo.
    When I first watched the guild my first impression was he was a totally anoying jerkass who stalks codex, but he turned out be a dork with a heart of gold. He often screws up but always with the best intentions and sometimes he saves the day. Anyway he is incredibly funny!
    He also became less anoying during the show or I just got used to it and like him the way he is.

    Since I already read that many people like Vork: Vork is quite tricky. Can't say I like him but he is hillarious.
    He always wears a suit and has this serious face and this stern voice and the hem makes these elaborate plans which never eactly work out as intended.
    It's also fun to see in comparison Jeff Lewis in private wearing a T-Shirt and laughing.
  • For me, I have two favorites. First and foremost, its Codex. She is relatable as are most of the characters, but her expressions when exposed to the others and the situations at hand are priceless. She is extremely well acted and a fantasy for every gamer guy that is begging the cosmos for their very own gamer girl.

    Second is Zaboo. This character can instill a laugh without saying anything. But when he speaks, it almost never leads to anything short of sheer hilarity. He is funny and his timing is excellent. I feel the two are an excellent pairing and look forward to one day seeing their virtual offspring (in guild roleplayed child) Codeboo. Pretty please?

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