A Tricky Question - Who's Your Favorite Character?

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Alright, gang - a lot of the discussions are trending towards describing our favorite aspects of The Guild.  So the question of the day is this - Who's your favorite character, and why?

On my end, I could totally write an essay for every one of the main characters, describing why I love each of them.  But my favorite has got to be Codex.  Felicia herself has said it before, but what I love about Codex is that she's not the sort of character that would normally be placed in center stage in more mainstream entertainment...

And yet there are so many people out there who can relate to a character like Codex.  To have a character that's shy, and awkward, and neurotic, and yet has a charming core of well-meaning good-naturedness? - it's really about time that this sort of character isn't just the quirky friend of the main character, or the background comic relief.

I myself grew up as a rather soft-spoken, introverted, anxious person and thus I really love that Felicia created this character that represents a voice for people like us.  What makes the character doubly-poignant for me, is that Codex seems to be semi-autobiographical for Felicia herself.  She's said as much in various bonus features.

Whilst Felicia is quite assertive and carries herself more confidently, I remember listening to a very touching interview where she talked about going into auditions and suffering panic attacks, and how acting coaches would rip down her self-esteem, and how she was feeling lost whilst caught up in the Hollywood system.  I get the sense that Felicia has poured a lot of her own life-experience into her portrayal of Codex, and thus the performance has a great sense of authenticity to it.

But that's enough out of me!  Who's your favorite character?  And why? :)


  • I'd have to agree that Felicia is my #1 favorite...mostly for all of the points you mentioned. The fact that she was able to turn her plight (for lack of a better term) into The Guild is what I love most about this whole thing. 

    Ever read the graphic novels? The first one was less comical, but in a GOOD way. 

    I think too...at one point, depending on how we spend our geek time online...we've known (or have been) someone like Vork, Tink, Clara, Zaboo, and even those from the Axis. That's what makes the Guild so endearing. 
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  • I love Codex and Bladezz because I often feel like I'm a nerdy chick with a dirty teenage boy's mind. Haha!

    That said though, most of my all-time favorite quotes come from Clara, Zaboo and Vork. Hell, I just wanna squeeze them all! <3
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    @LGVazquez - I've definitely read the Graphic Novels and certainly enjoyed them :)  As you said, and as I've touched upon in another post, the first one does such a good job of telling Codex's backstory in a way that makes her even more of a sympathetic character.  Especially as it doesn't shy away from the fact that she's genuinely suffering from depression, and that's something a lot of people struggle with.  It's also something that the mainstream media doesn't touch upon very often in their characters.

    I also certainly agree that it's easy to find aspects of each character in people we know or within ourselves - which reminds of the following awesome piece of art which was a tribute to the movie 'The Breakfast Club' --> The Breakfast Guild :)

    @Scarlett - LOL - Bladezz always gets the best innuendo-filled lines :)  What I find so cute, is that if you listen to the commentary tracks on The Guild DVDs, Vincent Caso didn't get half of the dirtiness that his character was saying.  Innocence is adorable :)
  • Codex, definitely! (For all the reasons mentioned above). I also really like Zaboo, he's just very sweet.
  • I really want to say Codex, but thinking back, I think most of my smiles came from Vork related situations. But there isn't a dislike-able person in the the cast. And let's not forget about poor Mr Wiggly
  • @torontogal I feel the same with Codex - not the usual representation of a female lead character, but one I can easily identify with. 
    Regarding the podcast you've mentioned, I've listened to it too and thought it was so sad to hear everything she went through. I'm so happy she came out with The Guild and not stayed at home gaming and giving up. 

    I feel like Codex is the obvious answer so other than her I must say I love Clara and the portrayal of a mother who doesn't put her children's need before her and kinda do her own thing. I know that it's non-realistic, lol. but I just feel like it's an answer to all 60's TV shows showing how a mother should behave. :P 
    Plus, she's freakin' hilarious! 

    Oh and Fawkes, obviously. His heart, that is hidden well beneath is jerkiness is endearing. 

    Tink, because I feel like she's a girl everyone once encountered. and also because I had a phase of extreme anonymity online. :D

    Ok, I lied..I love them all! [except Bladezz which I'm really not a fan of. lol) 
  • @Torontogal - I know, I loved it when he said on the commentary that he didn't know what a MILF was. So adorkably cute! ^_^

    @Ayelet - Which podcast are you referring to? Would love to give it a listen.
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    Yet more great responses from all the posters above - I very much enjoy hearing everyone's perspective on things :)

    @Ayelet - I think at a Con, some of the cast were asked who their favorite character is, and Felicia herself has said that Clara is her favorite character :)

    @Scarlett - if I'm not mistaken, the podcast that Ayelet and myself are referencing is one that Felicia did with Nerdist at the start of the year.  It's a very honest discussion, and she talks in great detail about how when a young person is first in Hollywood, how lost it can make you can feel and how people try and change you or define you or tear you down.

    I found it really interesting, because it provided a lot of insight into what the day-to-day life of an actress can be like.  She delves into the audition process and how the rejection she went through lead her to an empty place and how creating The Guild brought her happiness and fulfillment.  It's sad to hear how much difficulty she went through, but it also made me an even bigger fan of her as a person and as a role model - because her story is ultimately very inspiring!  Give it a listen if you'd like --> Felicia Day - Making It.
  • Thanks so much, @Torontogal!
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  • a bit off topic. but making it is a awesome podcast. will mention it in the proper forum too. and on topic i really can't choose a fav character. they all play so well off each other.
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  • Vork and Zaboo are my favourites, especially interactions between them. I love them all though. 
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    Tough choice. As pointed out, Codex would be the obvious choice, but then I'd just base it on "likeability". I'm trying to figure out if any of the characters could carry the (or a) show on their own and I don't think it would work. It's the interaction within the group that makes it work. So I guess I really don't have any favorite character, unless she writes an episode where the "group dynamic" turns into an actual person. And that one might be just too schizophrenic.

    I also find the whole background of the show very inspiring, especially where she didn't just give up when she couldn't sell it to a network. When I need a little boost of motivation and inspiration, Felicia/The Guild are usually a great help. Now I just need to find out how to shut up my inner cynic, when he replies with "yeah, but SHE has talent".
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    This is so difficult as they are all so different and great in their own way.

    Vork is so funny, I laughed so hard when we was tearing up the hotel room and when he was at the drive in trying to use their free Wi-Fi, so I think he is my favorite.

  • Codex somewhat reminds me of me in some ways...especially that we are healers. :) Yay healers! Though I have to say Zaboo and Vork have made me laugh that most in the series. They are just so silly. Overall.... The Guild just has a very interesting cast and their interactions between each other make it so entertaining.
  • All the characters are believable and we've all come across them when online or at least the traits, for me Codex is obviously the most identified with but I love Clara, probably because as a mum I would to be able to behave like that and she makes me lol literally. Vork and Zaboo have awesome lines and moments and we've all come across a Bladezz and a Tink. So it's the whole cast that make my fave list.
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  • I find that I am drawn to Clara, mostly because it seems like she's my spirit animal.  While watching the show with my boyfriend, he always seems to look at me and go "You've done something like that." or "You would be that way if you had kids."  It's probably true.  Once in a while, I feel a little "Codex"-y, but for the most part Clara is definitely a favorite. =]
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  • Zaboo.  It sounds odd, but I feel he arcs in the same way Codex does, but in a male way.  Instead of dealing with insecurities, he deals with social common sense.  Both characters hearts are pure and want only the best for those and that which they care about, but are at times unsure on how to best convey it.

    Plus Sandeep is funny as hell
  • Vork, above all the others.
    He's a mid 40's nerd with a neurotic control urge that he always acts upon. He's like Monk, but funny.

  • Vork... Playing MMOs I always wanted elitists and theory crafters to fail at all they did. Vork quenches this evil desire as he fails at almost everything he calculates/controls. Plus I used to GM so it's fun to laugh at yourself in that aspect.
  • Throwing my hat into the ring, Vork. His penny pinching kills me.
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