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Felicia Day is a huge star through video games, The Guild, Youtube, Geek and Sundry, and my personal favorite, the Syfy show Eureka. 
Felicia's video blog the Flog, always has a Question of Note at the end, which she then responds to.
My Question of Note would be : 
Dear Felicia, if the world were to come to an end tomorrow, what would you do today?
What would be your Question of Note to Felicia?



  • Dear Felicia: if a mad scientist were to transplant your head, attaching it to another living thing, what would you want it to be and why?

  • Dear Felicia,
    If you were given a magical wand that only lasted for an hour, what kind of magic would you do with it?

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  • Dear Felicia, 
    What is your opinion on geeks learning Martial Arts? What Martial Art would you learn?
  • Dear Felicia,

    What does Cubby think of The Flog and how does he deal with your success?
  • Dearest Felicia,
    If you could be invisible for 24 hours, what would you do?
    Man your battle stations. We'll have you dead pretty soon.
  • Miss Day,

    If half a chicken laid half an egg in half a day, how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a pickle?
  • Dear Felicia,

    What impact do you want to leave on the world? 
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  • Dear Felicia,
    what is your favorite card game and why?
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    Dearest Felicia,

    What in the name of sweet gravy is that totally fraked up baby in a bunny suit statue on your desk? A gift perhaps? Did you find it at some kind of haunted yard sale? A bizarre drunken etsy shopping spree gone terribly awry?


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    Infant Donnie Darko?
  • My Alabaster Princess,

    If you were a My Little Pony, what colors would you be?  What would your cutie mark be, and why?

    Ever your Humble Admirer,

    Soma Holiday
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  • Dear Ms Day

    Please advise where you stand in the ongoing Velcro limb debate? Essential to the survival of the human race or frankly ridiculous?

    All best regards
  • Dear Felicia:

    If you could invent a drug that has any affect you wish on the populace, what would it be called and how would it work?
  • Dear Felicia,

    If you could have any text and/or drawing etched into the surface of the moon, what would it be?

  • Dear Felicia,

    If you could live in any city in Skyrim, which would it be and why?

    Until next time,
  • Dear Felica,

    what needs to happen for you to consider Elf porn?
    i am willing to bank roll the project.


    not kidding if you are into it.
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    Dear Felicia, 

    How do you feel about the Forum RPG community using you as a playby to represent a character that is being played? 
  • Dear Felicia,

    What was your reaction to Thane's death in ME3?

    I write about monsters on my blog. You should read it. ^-^
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    Dearest Felicia Day,

    If a new religion were to be formed around the worship of you, what would you be worshiped for, and what would you desire from your followers?
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    Dear Felicia,

    If you could be any creature or of any race from the entire gamut of fantasy, sci-fi, anime, etc, what would you most want to be and why?
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