Hall of Judgment: The first 3rd-party item for SJGames' Dungeon Fantasy RPG

We're 400+% funded with 48 Hours to go! 

The Hall of Judgment Kickstarter is the first 3rd-party license for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, and one of the rare 3rd-party licenses that Steve Jackson Games has issued. It's over 400 backers and 400% funding and climbing.

What's in it for you?

  • A Foreword by Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch, GURPS Line Editor, that should make everyone that's wanted to publish for GURPS sit up and take notice
  • 20 pages of viking-inspired town, with festivals, culture, and adventure seeds
  • Three micro-dungeons to explore: a ruins and two underground warrens. 
  • Five maps by MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal), ENnie-nominated cartographer. These things are unbelievably cool.
  • The main adventure, featuring a non-linear evolution in encounters, not-just-combat challenges, and more
  • Over a dozen sample characters; five or six are backer submitted at the Thegn of Your Own tier!
  • More than 30 creatures ready to play with a new open layout for easy digestion.

This book is VERY different, and quite frankly, better in almost every way than Lost Hall of Tyr, from which it sprung. 128 pages (rather than 64), full color, awesome art, and layered and hyperlinked for ease of use. The print copies will be 93#/140gsm interior paper; fulfillment is from the UK so international shipping should be pretty affordable.

Finally: let's not beat around the bush: let me quote from the aforementioned foreword: "...it bodes well for Dungeon FantasyRoleplaying Game fans and fans of SJ Games products in general. We now have evidence that licensing third-party publishers to crowdfund content for our games pays off. That isn’t a guarantee we’ll agree to every proposal—our standards remain exacting, and we still prefer
people we know and trust—but it means we’ll listen. Intently." -Sean Punch

Please support the Hall of Judgment Kickstarter. 48 hours to go.




  • The print copies for Hall of Judgment arrived in the USA and are presently being delivered to backers! As such, the game is now on sale on Gaming Ballistic's web store in both print and PDF versions.

    It's a very nice printing: 140gsm (93#) silk-coated paper. The entire book is 10mm thick, while a recent POD book like GURPS Mysteries (also 128 pages) is 7.5mm. 

    Here's what one happy backer had to say:

    "I've read a fair bit now. Enjoying it immensely. 

    I'm struck by two things. First, the setting is rich and well-developed. It reminded me of cracking open the old World of Greyhawk gazetteer for the first time: intriguing adventure options on every page. I appreciate the notes on history, social structure, and religion. The deliciously extensive array of festivals was entirely over the top, in the best possible way — so many fun options for bringing the setting to life.

    Second, the book provides useful expansions to the DFRPG rules. I was expecting the excellent grappling rules, of course, but it has a lot more than that. It contains information on pack animals, dressing game, climate extremes, etc. Much of this might be available in other GURPS or DF volumes, but not as part of DFRPG.

    Impressively good value. (And the paper is silky heaven.)"

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