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    We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new, fun, family friendly dice game Sheepie Sleepy. You can see the page at

    With simple rules and great artwork, this is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. Play at the table once dinner is done, take the game out during a picnic with the family, or have a few games in the pub! Roll your 5 dice and if Lady Luck is with you, you'll have 5 sheep to put in your sheep pen towards a good night's sleep.* The more sheep you collect, the further and faster you can race along the game board. But look out! You may be woken by other players snoring, or perhaps you've had too much coffee and can't get to sleep? If so, you will lose sheep!

    *Sleep is not guaranteed, only fun and good times!

    Learn more about Sheepie Sleepy and our Kickstarter campaign from Andrew and Alison Sage. Stay tuned to the video for the out-take at the end!

    Check it out here:

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    Waning Gibbous Games has just launched our first creation on Kickstarter! We're already 1/3 funded with more than 30 days to go, so check it out! Early Bird tier still open (9/4) but going fast!

    Larceny is a heist-themed card game for 3+ players that challenges you to plan the perfect heist. The game plays quick enough that a round lasts minutes, and there are enough gameplay variants packed into the box to last the entire game night.

    Larceny has three decks:

    The Score - The target of the heist. This could be anything from the Mona Lisa to the Hope Diamond, from the Lost Doctor Who Years to Dinosaur DNA. As long as it's valuable to someone it might end up here...shortly before it ends up in the trunk of the getaway car.

    The Catch - Not every heist goes according to plan. You might have tried to cover every contingency, but there's always a Catch. From Drone Surveillance to a Laser Grid, from Alligators to Armed Guards, this deck is filled with problems for the clever Crew to overcome.

    The Fix - What's a thief without tools and contacts? The Fix deck has everything a thief could need, from Lockpicks to Sledgehammers, from an Open Window to Hiring a Hacker. Armed with these Fixes, the Crew can bypass any Catch and get their hands on the Score.

    Gameplay is simple:

    The Crew (aka the players), each draw 7 Fix cards.

    The Chief (played by a different member of the Crew each round) outlines the heist by drawing a Score and two Catches.

    Once the Chief has provided any details about the heist that the Crew might need, the Crew plays one Fix per Catch, selecting the best Fix in their hand to overcome each one.

    When everyone has put their Fixes in, the Chief picks the best solution for each Catch and awards that Catch card to the winner so they can keep score. However "best" is entirely up to the Chief. One round the Chief might prefer stealth and subterfuge, while another Chief might enjoy the direct approach. It's entirely up to the Chief!

    And that's it! A Score to steal, a Catch or two in an otherwise perfect plan, and Fixes to get the heist back on track. Every gameplay mode uses a variation of these rules and components.

    Gameplay variants:

    Larceny also has several variant gameplay modes. Three of our favorite are detailed below:

    Best Laid Plan - The Crew has to get creative in this narrative mode. Each member of the Crew uses their Fix cards to outline a complete scheme for the heist and the Chief gets to pick the best plan.

    Heist - In this cooperative mode, the crew works together during a heist, navigating the twists and turns of the job while the Chief plays Catch
    after Catch in an attempt to trip them up.

    Troubleshooter - In this versus mode, the Crew takes on both sides, one team attempting to steal the Score while the other tries to defend it.

    Check out Larceny on Kickstarter for gameplay videos and further details!
  • Mafia The Party Game

    The famous and classic Mafia The Party Game is coming soon to a mobile phone near you!


    MAFIA THE PARTY GAME is a multiplayer role-playing game centered on a battle between an informed minority and an uninformed majority. Players are secretly assigned roles in two distinct aspects: either as discreet members of the Mafia, who know each other; or Citizens who know only the number of Mafia among them. In the game's Night Phase the Mafia covertly operates to "murder" a Citizen. During the Day Phase, all surviving players debate the identities of the Mafia and vote to eliminate a suspect. Play continues until all of the Mafia members have been eliminated, or until the Mafia outnumbers the Citizens.
  • My brother and I are working on an Ork-themed party wargame featuring over 100 unique models and cards in 3 different heroic scales (28mm, 6mm, and space).  The early bird special includes a fully painted version.  Thank you for reading this:

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     My Campaign:


    My name is  Mark  and I am a young upcoming graphics and website designer from South America looking to develop my skills in the area a bit more. Unfortunately i am unable to afford the equipment and necessary resources I need in order to pursue my dream as a professional web and graphics designer. Currently I'm using portable programs installed on a portable hard at various internet cafes or any on any friends laptop that I can borrow for a short time.. 

    This campaign is very simple and specific - I will use the funds to purchase high capacity new laptop: a MAC Book Air with 8GB  1600MHz of SDRAM and a 256GB Flash Storage with a 1.7 Dual -Core Intel Core i7,Turbo Boost up to 3.3Ghz.  In addition to knowing you've helped someone in need, I am offering advertisement perks. I am an upcoming graphics designers and I will be more than happy to add your names or logo of your business/blog  at the foot of my personal  website. In addition to the website advertising perk I will also put laser etched advertisement on the laptop and have your ad shown everywhere at every public place I visit.imageYour contributions will make a very big impact on my dream to becoming a professional website and graphics designer, an opportunity that is very rare where i'm from and in my country.
    Other Ways You Can Help

    Can't afford to make a contribution, please spread the word by hitting that like/Share button on social media websites. signal boosting is greatly appreciated! 

     My Campaign:

  • Intrusion:Disconnected with Corey Feldman on board Indiegogo campaign
    We're currently one shoot away from wrapping our film Intrusion:Disconnected, an award-winning horror/thriller with Katie Stewart (Overtime), Corey Feldman (Goonies, Lost Boys), Scream queen, Tiffany Shepis (Night of the Demons, The Violent Kind) and Amanda Dunn (Catching Fire, Michael Rooker's Pennhurst).  We really need your help both with funds and support passing it on.

    The film has already won for best screenplay, got '5 out of 5' reviews for it from critics and several finalist and semi-finalist acknowledgements and we've already had distribution offers.

    Currently, we're one shoot away from wrapping.  
    We have some awesome perks at the indiegogo site.  Also you can check out several other awesome links below. (Official website) (Trailers and Tiffany Shepis praising film) (Michael Rooker of Walking Dead fame praising supporting actress Amanda Dunn and her talents)

    Feel free to email me with any questions.  Thanks sincerely for your support and time.

  • Hello guys! I just wanted to post our graphic novel, 'The Wisdom of Fools' up in the Kickstarter section. It's an 84-page graphic novel anthology put together by 5 writers and 9 artists. We could really use your support, as of this writing, we are 64% funded as I write this so we still have a ways to go!

    You can take a look at our kickstarter here:

    We've got some great rewards for you guys so please, check it out, pledge and share! Thank you so much from all of us!


    We are excited to announce the kickstarter launch of our latest independent film endeavor, “Incorporeal”. This is the 8th major film project from Faux Pas Films and we would love to share it with you. We are only asking for a total sum of a mere $250 as the bare minimum to really help us get this film made the way we want. 

    Michael Wade Johnson and his indie film company Faux Pas Films is set to begin production this October on a new supernatural thriller called “Incorporeal”. Michael, who’s previous efforts include “Ovulation” and “Cyclical Effect”, is taking a different approach in the making of this new feature. Mixing a blend of cinéma vérité with the tension of films such as The Shining, Incorporeal is a tale about an overzealous movie director and his unappreciative leading actress that go on a location scouting mission. What they find will change their lives forever.

    Cast includes Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare, Breaking Fate), Dylan Cinti – (Meshes of Dusk, Finding Johnny), Mardell Elmer ( Seven Deadly Words, Jackson’s Run), Willy Adkins (Ovulation, Bacon – the Movie), and Lillian Lamour (The Dirty Sanchez, Bane Rises). Filming will take place in and around the Chicago, IL area.

    The kickstarter link is

    The kickstarter is now launched and goes through all of September up until October 5, 2013.

    Find out more about the film at

    and IMDb:

    So please help out the micro-budget, independent film community and donate whatever you can, be it $1, or $20 or $200. Or you can help us out greatly just by word of mouth, liking a post about it, sharing it on your page. Sharing is vital to getting the word out there. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have and thanks for supporting Faux Pas Films.
  • Hey everyone! This is our fundraising campaign for our new reality web series, Small Business: Big World

    Small Business: Big World is a web-based documentary show about unique small businesses throughout the world.  Whether it's a small town bar and grill or a corner coffee shop in the big city, small businesses throughout the world are often the little fish in the big pond of their industry.  The most common challenge for them is overcoming the public's tendency to walk past the unfamiliar shop in favor of the big name store they recognize.  Our hosts, Jevocas Green and Edward DeGruy, are going to pull back the curtain on these small businesses and take the viewer inside to explore what they have been missing out on. 

    Check out our indiegogo here:
  • Hey guys!

    I just launched a new Kickstarter for a webseries called +1 to Athletics!  Basically, it is testing the theory that it is possible to get in shape with the help of geeky physical activities (i.e. LARP, Quidditch, fencing, ect.) in lieu of traditional exercise.

    I'm super excited about it and I'll be working with an equally geeky personal trainer.  I'm hoping for awesome things!
  • @aaaceer I've just deleted your duplicate posts with the same link as above. In future, please don't spam the forums with your link. If you want to post it again once more when the campaign is about to finish, that will be fine.
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  • Last
    season, my theater company, The Rising Sun Performance Company and
    it's artists were nominated for 4 Innovative Theater Awards. We are
    coming upon our 12th season, which is rare for an independent Off Off
    Broadway Theater Company! We would love to invite you to be a part of
    that legacy! 
    Find out more

  • The Future Soon  - Sci-Fi Musical Comedy!

    We are producing a Broadway-style musical comedy with
    Robots, cyborgs and of course, zombies.  All based on 18 of Jonathan Coulton  songs
    weaved in to a crazy love story.  Heavy on geek humor and strong female
    leads we tackle love, jealousy, the singularity and the impending robot
    takeover.  If that sounds like something you would like to know more about
    check out the Kickstarter at

  • GameStar Project IndieGoGo

    Hello all,

    this is our IndieGoGo campaign:

    An epic adventure set in the universe of video games, and a documentary of how it came true! Which will prevail? The modern 3D world, or the ancient 2D culture?

    Thanks for your attention!


    For this last week, if you make a pledge, and add an additional $25, I'll render you (or your children, your spouse/SO, your pet, or original character) as a mascot that will be printed. Something to think about...


  • Hey guys, wanted to share a tip on a new interactive web
    series. It’s produced by Immagix, an entertainment media company that’s shaping
    the future of interactive film.

    Their show is called the Treasure Chronicles. It moves beyond
    traditional TV-watching and engages its audience in real and virtual treasure

    Here’s a message from the show’s producers:

    “We are offering viewers the
    chance to experience history during the inaugural season of the Treasure
    Chronicles. Get a head start against your competition by
    registering early. Your bonus points might help you claim your share of the lost

    The show has a live cast (including Jeffrey Weissman, aka
    George McFly from Back to the Future). And to accompany each season, every
    viewer has a chance to claim a stake of a real lost treasure — that is, if it’s

    One of their treasure hunts involves the 19th
    , worth over $63 million USD.

    You might want to check it before too many people get their
    hands on this. 
    Kickstarter campaign to start soon. 
    But you can register to get a Sneak Peek of the trailer now!

  • Hello everyone!

    Over the past 2 years, my family and I have been working on a tabletop game in our free time. We are truly excited to announce that we are going to Kickstarter now within a few days and we would like to invite you to support us and try out the game yourselves!

    So if you're too old to trick-or-treat or you're not into haunted houses, we have created a fun way to spend your October with friends and family of all ages! Please take a look at our Kickstarter preview page as well as the YouTube video for a preview of what the game is about as well as the fun gameplay you can expect!

    I will keep posting updates concerning the game, the Kickstarter, and other media releases as time goes on. Below are the links we have so far!

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