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    Just launched our Kickstarter Project ... "It Has Begun" ...

    A music project accompanied by a CG video. If you can't pledge, we'd really appreciate your help spreading the word!... If you have any questions please email us at..... [email protected]

    Thanks for all of your help.....

    Click here to go to our Kickstarter:


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    After being thrown out on the street, two Asian stepbrothers Koji and Kevin become garbage men that dispose of bodies for the Mafia.

    Dorks is a web series written by longtime anime fan Patrick Chavis. The show is about two wealthy stepbrothers. After getting kicked out of their house by their parents, they are forced to go to the only person who can help them - long lost family friend Carey, a garbage man who puts them to work. What Kevin and Koji fail to discover until later are Carey’s ties to the Italian Mafia. Basically, they aren't just throwing out the trash but dead bodies!

    A quick promo of the pilot is complete and you can watch and support the show on this page. If you cant donate $5 spread the word.  

    Indiegogo Page:

    Thank You 

  • Hello lovelies. Myself and a few games/movie night geek mates are launching the ultimate geek chic café, bar and events venue for scifi, fantasy, comic and gaming fans across the universe.

    Our Indiegogo page is here:

    Our website is here:

    Even just likes and shares on our FB page ( will help immensely when we approach our investors.

    Thanks in advance. Guildies rule! :)

  • I'm currently trying to promote my new Indiegogo campaign.  You can view it here: SFU Servers @ Indiegogo.  Running a Game Server Company has been a dream of mine for quite a while, and recently I have decided to push forward with everything.  I ordered webhosting and a couple domains, and began development on the website, which can be previewed here:

    I've been a PC gamer for about 13 years, and a console gamer way before that, ever since i was a child (Woooo, NES! :) )  I've always enjoyed getting private servers up and running for my friends, mainly just to see if I can do it.  I also love tinkering with servers and troubleshooting problems that may come with them.

    I'm looking to raise enough funding to pay for a single dedicated server for a year, or 2 dedicated servers for 6 months.  You can view additional details about the project on indiegogo, or feel free to ask any questions you may have on the SFU Servers Facebook Page.
  • Hello Geek and Sundry, my name is Ian and I wanted to take a moment to share with you a boardgame that I have designed, called Magnum Opus
    Magnum Opus is a deck-building game about Alchemy. But unlike virtually every other deck-building game out there right now, Magnum Opus is not about collecting points and waiting for the end to happen, but rather it is a contest to reach a specific goal: the creation of the Philosophers' Stone. 

    I have been developing Magnum Opus for the better part of three years. Even though I have been making my own games since childhood, it was through the inspiration and encouragement of people like Wil Wheaton and everyone on TableTop that really charged me up to make Game Design into something I really want to do with my life. 

    I would love for everyone on Geek and Sundry to see my work that I have put so much love and effort into, and more games are on the way! I hope this finds you all well and you like what you see. Any amount of support would be deeply appreciated and even if it is just sharing the news on your twitter or facebook or with someone you know who might be interested in a game like this, I would like to preemptively say THANK YOU!

    Play more boardgames!
    -Ian S.
    G.U.Games, in association with Clever Mojo Games

  • Hey All!

    My name's Liz Welch and I'm working on a documentary about stereotypes in fandoms!


    imageOne does not simply walk into fandom...

    It's going to be a film both by and for the fans!

    Check us out at

    Please spread the word! We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too!
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    @Endymian Wow, the artwork on your game looks great, and I would definitely consider pledging but you don't seem to have any reward levels where you can ship outside the US! How are people around the world supposed to back your project if they can't feasibly get a copy of the game?

    I do understand that the USPS international package postage prices have gone stupidly astronomical in recent times (it's not unheard of for a kickstarter to ask for $30 international postage on a game that costs $25) but to cut out international backers entirely seems a little, well, restrictive.

    I do hope that considering the campaign has already met its funding goal that this game will eventually hit board game distributors who will ship copies to markets around the world, and we can buy it from our local game stores, even if we can't get to be kickstarter backers.

    EDIT: OK, I went back and read the FAQ for the campaign... might look further into getting a copy now :D
    It is good that you did think of this :D
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  • Hi everyone! We only have a few days to go and we might not make it but here is our project. We want to create the IMDB of conventions, where you can search for conventions you can attend by show, genre or even a specific actor. No other site has ever done this. Imagine searching for Felicia Day and getting a listing of cons where you can meet her and get her autograph! :)

    Hope you like the concept! 


  • Hey everyone!

    My name's Anthony Palma and I'm the CEO of Kermdinger Studios, the 3-man indie game studio behind Stunt Runner, a comedic 2.5D physics puzzler for PC, Mac and eventually mobile! We just launched yesterday, but we're on the warpath already as a Staff Pick in all major categories. Check the game out and please back us! We all know how important those first backers are to boost your numbers and make you look respectable, so help us get noticed and make our Kickstarter successful!

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    I just kickstarted season 3 of my vlog - I started last year around the launch of the G&S channel - and I submitted my vlog (KieryGeek) to the G&S Vlogs competition as well, but didn't move on, so I decided to kickstart season 3 instead, because...I'm not going anywhere and vlogging this last year has been beautiful. 

    This season is about story telling and world building in games, and in comic creation hangouts with our very own @MattMcCullar. My kickstarter is here - check it out & share, DFTBA. <3

    KieryGeek: A vlog of games, comics, and geekery -- Kicktraq Mini

    {excuse me while I leave gifs everywhere....}
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    Hi Forum peeps!

    Just here to share a fashion Indieogo campaign, it's for both men and woman! There is 28 days left for the running of this campaign, check it out and let me know what you think :)

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    Hello everyone,

    here is my kickstarter that i launched today. It is a simple multi-tool that fit in your wallet or money clip.

    Take a look and let me know what you think.


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    Greetings! Today I launched the Kickstarter for my novel, Armageddon Girl, a tale of alternate realities and superheroics starring a quirky geek girl who was in no small way inspired by a certain beloved red-haired media icon (and no, I don't mean Carrot Top).

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    Hello everyone!

    I am the owner of a small brewery in Vancouver, Washington. We created a kickstarter to help bottle our Agave Amber Ale by the end of 2013. We are every excited about this beer, which is fermented in organic agave syrup. It packs a 9.0% ABV punch to it too!

    This brewery was founded by my step-brother and I and we are hoping that this brewery is the ticket to our future. Bottling our Agave Amber Ale is a first step towards that dream! Kickstarter is so much more than just raising money, its a place where a community of people can come together and help a person or group achieve a dream of theirs. We are asking craft beer enthusiasts to help us get closer to our dream!

    Take a quick look at our Kickstarter and view our awesome infographic! Or click here!

    Thank you,
    Gabriel Pedersen, Owner
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    Hi everyone! I'm here to talk to you about our upcoming game and current Kickstarter project: Elementary, My Dear Holmes. It's a point and click adventure game starring legendary sidekick John Watson on an epic quest to prove that Sherlock Holmes is just a jerk.

    Elementary, My Dear Holmes is a point-and-click adventure game, like the awesome ones we played as kids by companies like LucasArts and Double Fine. Like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, we’re making a game where you once again suffer from the terrible infinite pockets affliction, and are forced to store everything from a whisky bottle to a weird painting about intelligent peaches for further bizarre combining use. Solve puzzles that we’ve done our best to not be incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t a game developer! Obviously, using that gnome plus a watermelon on the revolving door will create an interdimensional portal! Obviously.

    Feel free to drop by our Kickstarter, or fire off questions at us here! One of our dev team will be monitoring the thread, and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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    Hi. My name is Sherry Konkus and I have a music campaign running on Indiegogo called "A Concert Grand Harp for Sherry Konkus" where I'm raising funds to purchase a concert grand harp and I would like to ask everyone here to help me fund my project.

    I'm an amateur harpist who owns a small harpsicle lap harp which is the only harp I own. However, with
    numerous musical pieces arranged for harps with more strings out there,
    playing on a small lap harp is not enough. What I really want to play
    alongside my harpsicle harp is a beautiful grand concert harp just like
    the one Harpo Marx played in the classic Marx Brothers movies.

    I've been dreaming about owning a concert grand harp ever since I was a little girl. Twice I've experienced renting a concert grand harp that captivated me so much that I just have to have one for my very own. The only problem is that concert grand harps are GROSSLY EXPENSIVE!! Whether new or used concert harps cost between $10,000 to $250,000!!! There's no way I can be able to raise that amount of money by myself. Therefore I need your help to fund the purchase of a concert grand harp so I can increase my music skills and become a professional harpist.

    If you want more information about my campaign and is willing to help me afford a concert grand harp, feel free to visit my Indiegogo Campaign and help make it all possible for me to afford a grand concert harp


  • This is a link to my go fund me page. My goal is to raise $2000 to start a miniature and terrain building company. This money will allow me to purchase the paints and mold making supplies i will need to get going. 

    Thank you for any support you can show me
  • Hey guys,

    For nearly 13 years, I have played on a Text based roleplaying game called Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL). So long in fact that I have built up a huge repertoire of fantastic story lines. I was sitting in my darkened cubicle one day when it dawned on me. I have enough to write an entire series of novels. With the help of NaNoWriMo and the playerbase of DSL, I embarked on doing just that. I wrote the first novel 8 years ago and the second just last year. It wasn't until the last couple of years that I felt confident enough to seek a publisher and as luck would have it, this year I succeeded. My first book hit the shelves this week (after a few years of failed self publishing attempts) and looks amazing.

    So, what does that have to do with Kickstarter? I am glad you asked. I have kicked off a kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to tear into an aggressive marketing campaign. you can see it here at:

    I want this book to succeed not simply because I wrote it and I want to be a rich and famous author (duh) but also because I want to help games like Dark and Shattered Lands find its way into the habits of new players. As old as the game is, it is still doing well, but with so many graphically intensive games out there, players are losing the ability to truly use their imaginations. This is the appeal of text based role playing games. My books hopefully will bring the world of DSL out to gamers and spark their interest and ultimately their patronage.

    In addition to book 1, I have also written book 2 which is currently being edited by my publisher and I am writing book 3. The titles are as follows:

    The Price of Honor, book 1 of the Lore of Algoron.

    The Price of Dignity, book 2 of the Lore of Algoron.

    The Price of Love, book 3 of the Lore of Algoron.


    I appreciate any support you guys can give me. I only have 15 days left on the campaign. This can really give me the edge I need to get these books out there. Thanks fellow geeks.


    Gus Gallows

  • After a solid year of hard work on a very dear to our hearts video game concept, we've launched a Kickstarter today to get us to the final 20% of our goal. But also as a way to collaborate with a lot more people out there to make a game everyone wants to play. Tiers including voting rights for game play / design decisions + being a beta tester in addition to all the usual limited edition swag.

    The game is called History Fighter and we'd be honored to have you join the battle to save history with us. Basically think of your favorite historical figures, now with superpowers! It's educational and it's fun.

    Check it out:
  • Hello! I just launched my Kickstarter project about 4 hours ago:


    It's a card game called Ad-Man! You take the role of an adverting pitch-person, using cartoon mascots to win product accounts. The player with the most accounts wins!
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