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    I wanted to share our kickstarter with the community. We are making a
    documentary about this amazing artist Adamo. Adamo is from west africa
    and was born with physical disabiliites - but he has over come all of
    these challenges with an inspirational attitude. He is like everyone
    else and he can too "Moi Aussi" can be a human being.

    Check out the kickstarter, support and spread it within your own communities. It's the potential of collective power.
  • Hello All-

    I'm about two weeks into my month long Kickstarter, and I want to tell you all about it:


    My project is called Ad-Man!, and it is a card game that uses original advertising mascots. Players take the role of ad executives, and they use these mascots to gain control of product accounts for things like cereal, laundry detergent, and athletic shoes. The winner has the most products at the end of the game

    The rules are simple, there are balances to prevent one player from dominating too long, and aside from general replayability, there is plenty of adaptions to modify the rules for playing solo, 2-player, very large groups, children (it's family safe, but not specifically a family game), and what I colorfully refer to as "college rules."

    I'm at about 36%, with two weeks (as of this writing) left to reach my goal of $8,000. Most of the money raise will go toward printing 1,000 decks. The rest of it will go to things like paying for a full year server space for, covering the cost of copyright registry, postage and bubble mailers, advertising costs, and kickstarter exclusive expansion sets.

    So take a look at the link, watch the video, and consider making a pledge. And tell people all about it. Together, we can make this happen!
  • Are those characters supposed to be from real world products? I don't recognise any of them.... If they're fictional (as in, made up for the game), then that's cool, because they certainly do look like advertising mascots :D
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  • They're all original, but inspired by real-world ones. I've been semi-regularly posting a blog that describes some of the influences that went into them:

    Part of the inspiration for the game comes from the universality of mascot types. For example, you can use a Snowman to sell things like apples (Sno Fresh), dishwashing soap flakes, and the entire city of North Saint Paul (,_Minnesota).

    To use actual mascots would be tricky, since Chester Cheetah wouldn't appreciate selling canned meat. But Chadwick Cheetah totally would... (note: a cheetah isn't part of the game... yet... hmm...)
  • I'm trying to get funding for an internal journey on the Santiago Trail. I realize this may not be the most appropriate audience, but I'm just throwing myself anywhere I can out of determination and hope. I want this, badly.

    My name is Aerin. I'm a 28 yr old artist and creator, and have always followed what my heart has wanted to do. Now I've come up to an opportunity I don't want to miss, but because I don't have a desk job and buco bucks, I'm asking for help to get there. Please check out my personal fundraiser below. I'm on a journey to obtain the freedom and tools I need to give back. I've been through quite a bit of crap in my life, but I want to transform that experience into  a way to help others.

    Help me to heal others by example. 

    Thanks for listening!

  • If you guys would like to take a look at ours, we would appreciate it:

    This is a classic point-and-click adventure games, inspired by old-school LucasArts and Sierra titles. It's highly political, quite experimental, and fairly bold in its art style-- take a look! It even features roleplaying elements! Give us a chance and, if you can't afford to donate, then maybe just spread the word. :)
  • Not fully sure if this falls into the appropriate audience either, but I'm trying to raise 5,000$ to furnish my taxidermy studio. I'm disabled and unable to work a 'real' job, and I've thusfar started my own business up all on my own because of it, even in this economy. It's pulled just enough to pay for itself, but it's to the point that I can no longer expand it because the things I need are really expensive and I've got to pay bills on top of keeping this business afloat.

    I'm trying to fund this because without it, I won't be able to actually keep living with bills paid, not to mention doctor bills that I can see coming up in the future. 

    Link and full story here:
  • Hey guys! I have a project started to raise funds to have a vending table at a local summer festival.
    The table is split between 3 local artists (myself and two of my classmates) but the price for a table is just under 1000 for the three days and with print costs and all the extra fees it's going to be very hard to pay without help. 
    We are each full time students so even with part time jobs all our money has so far gone to supplies and equipment.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • Hey everyone! Check out my kickstarter project for custom designed boards to play with Risk:

    We had a blast designing and testing the initial board offerings and the kickstarter page has custom board options so our backers can design new offerings! Please check it out. We've put a lot into getting it this far and we need your help to make Havoc Boards a reality. 


    Bungled Board Games LLC
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    Goooooood morning, fellow Geeks and Gamers. Beryllium Productions here, wanting to show you our premier webseries, The Nighthawks.

    The Nighthawks are a group of tabletop gamers, playing a Steampunk themed RPG. The series follows not only their real world adventures, but also the adventures of their characters in-game; it's Half semi-epic adventure, half slice-of-life, with a pleasant dash of snark thrown in.

    We're looking to just defray the costs of our Pilot, so we're running an Indiegogo campaign, and shooting at the end of the month. Take a look at us, and if you like anything you see, or want to see even more geeky shows, give us a like, or a dollar, or a share on Facebook! Thanks for your time, and we hope to be seeing a lot of you around in the future.

    (We'll also make answer any questions you might have, if any of you should become curious. Thanks!)

  • We want to share our Indiegogo campaign/trailer for festival completion of Umbrella of Damocles:

    From Aaron Allard and James Lafeur the filmmakers of the well regarded Manos: The Hands of Fate documentary "Hotel Torgo" comes Umbrella of Damocles.

    Umbrella of Damocles is a surreal dark comedy about an accidental (yet
    fatal) umbrella wound to the head and a friends dying wish. The film
    explores the duty-bound altruism of Lawrence as he becomes the adoptive
    father of his slain friends put-upon wife and young boy.

    Having finished the film, we are currently in festival mode and are
    looking for the funds to submit our film around Canada and the United

    A small donation means the world to us:

    The money raised will simply go towards submission fees. We've made a
    plan to submit to multiple festivals over the next 6 months (Slamdance,
    Vancouver, Atlantic, ect.) and your money would go towards fees, a small
    supply of DVD's, basic postage/shipping and transportation.


    People who donate up to $10 will receive a secure online link to view
    and download the film and a special thanks on IMDB. $25 donations will
    receive the link to the film and a link to the soundtrack along with
    thanks on IMDB. $50 will get all of the above and two lobby cards
    featuring the Umbrella of Damocles poster art and a copy of the script
    (signed). Donations of $100 or more get you all of the above and an
    Executive Producer credit on IMDB.

    Aaron Allard - James Lafleur's Previous Work:

    Thank you in advance for anything you are able to contribute, we are
    humbly grateful for your help. If you have any questions don't hesitate
    to contact us!

    Follow us here as well:



  • RPMWEST: Perfect Jeans, Delivered.

    We're doing jeans differently: the best Japanese selvedge denim delivered and sold to you wholesale.

    We raised over $85,000 in 3 weeks and would love to count you in as a backer.

  • Flushing Flush is a dramatic comedy about questionably autistic Eugene, and his happy ending masseuse Amy, and the unlikely bond formed between them when Eugene is fooled into helping Amy escape sex slavery.

    The two have extremely distorted views of reality and are able to find comfort in one another. As their relationship grows, Amy regrets taking advantage of Eugene. She realizes that she has put him in serious danger and must make a big choice in order to find their happy ending...

    Please help me make my film it would mean the world to me.
  • A new steampunk anthology and RPG from The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences!

    What Is the Ministry Initiative?

    The Ministry Initiative has two parts. The first is an anthology of thrilling steampunk stories set in the world of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences called Ministry Protocol. The second is a brand-new steampunk role-playing game powered by Fate Core, called The Ministry Initiative.

    Anthology: Ministry Protocol

    The first part of this Kickstarter is funding of Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Bridging the gap between the Janus Affair and the third novel in the series, Dawn’s Early Light (by Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine), Ministry Protocol is an anthology of new cases from the Archives, never before podcast or released in digital format. 

    RPG: The Ministry Initiative

    The second part of our Kickstarter is The Ministry Initiative, an exciting new role-playing game from Galileo Games. With game design from award-winning J.R. Blackwell and setting by steampunk author PJ Schnyder, The Ministry Initiativeis a Fate Core tabletop RPG, putting you in the field for Queen and Country. Along with a chance to interact with your favorite characters from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, you will wield the latest technology from R&D and travel the globe to investigate the fantastic and the unexplainable. 

    Enjoy them both! 

    Who Are We?

    We are a partnership between Imagine That! Studios and Galileo Games, companies with devoted creators that have produced award-winning projects.

    Writers for The Ministry Initiative RPG

    J.R. Blackwell is the author of Shelter in Place and Court/Ship, a Fate Core supplement.PJ Schnyder is the author of the PRISM award winning book, Hunting Kat. Together, this team will be producing The Ministry Initiative RPG.

    Writers for Ministry Protocol

    Support the anthology and receive brand-new stories from this list of authors: Leanna Renee Hieber, Tiffany Trent, Delilah S Dawson, Jared Axelrod, Dan Rabarts, Glenn Freud (Coyote of the League S.T.E.A.M), Alex White, J R Blackwell, Jack Mangan, Peter Woodsworth, Lauren Harris, and of course Tee and Pip.

    Tee Morris and Philippa (Pip) Ballantine are the authors of the steampunk series The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. 

    Interested? Fund the kickstarter project!

  • Hiya Geek and Sundry! This Kickstarter is for tabletop gamers.

    We've developed a hybrid playing surface with a multitude of features (Steel construction, dry erase, etc.) and are running a Kickstarter. We've had some great reviews so far and are looking for more feeback and backers.

    You can see our product here:
  • Hi folks! My brother and his daughters (ages nine and eleven) invented a family-friendly dice game, and they just posted it on Kickstarter. My brother has a background in game design and probability theory, and the girls have been instrumental in play testing and product design. Please take a look!

  • Hey! Check this out  It's the promo and funding campaign for a new web series called Kill Day. Its off beat and totally awesome. Check it out, share it, fund it, love it! 

    Thanks peeps :) 
  • Can you donate $20?

    We are only trying to raise $6000.  We are an established classic summer Camp in Pennsylvania.  Our costs are very low.  50 city kids will go to Camp this year if we reach our goal!

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    Presenting: The Marriage of Trumpet and Viola!

    I've been toiling for the last 6 months trying to manage a way to play my trumpet and viola together at the same time. Yes. Simultaneously. So far it has culminated into a final stretch that in the next few weeks I will actually achieve this feat. I am on Kickstarter to support a project that will feature my ability to play both of these instruments at the same time. I will be playing a live film score to an animation that is about how I manage to marry my instruments. All of the compositions will be original and I can't wait for it to come to fruition. So far we are 42% funded, we have 26 days to go, but on $210 pledged. Our project can use all the support it can get so please visit my page and share it with your friends. Pledge if you can!!



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