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  • In case you guys missed it:


    Preview of the 40k Stretch Goal!
    The Maychian Akongo Felis and the Sisk Syntagma Tribuni Angusticlavii. They will be free to the "all stretch goal" pledge level, but will also be available as add-ons. :)

    Both are leaders, both are powerful, and both inspire the troops!


  • Lots of big updates on the Torn Armor kickstarer!

    We've reached the mini-stretch goal of 40k, so the Akongo and Tribuni hero units have been added! 
    They are included in the "All Stretch Goals" pledge level, but will be available as add-ons too.

    We have introduced a 3rd Behemoth unit!  A gnomish clockwork magic assault platform called "Moriarty's Bell"! 
    The concept sketches for it can be seen here:

    and... we now have FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!

  • Just started this campaign to raise funds for an action film detailing the possibly accurate origins of Frosty the Snowman! Did our best to keep the dialogue clean so it can be enjoyed by the whole family! If you like explosions, action, and Christmas puns, check out this campaign!

  • Hey guys. We're Lifeless Threads. A brand new clothing company trying to get our foot out the door! We just put up our kickstarter and would love some feedback from you guys! 

    Glad to join the community and can't wait to check out everyone elses projects!
  • You are all cordially invited to the coronation of the Princess!  Medieval Upheaval: the Mystery Dinner Party Game, a three-round party game for 6 players.

    "Ever since the mysterious disappearance of the King, the country has been plagued by freakish beasts—not to mention a failing economy. The citizens have looked forward to the day when the King's daughter, the Princess, would come of age to take her rightful place as ruler and lead the country back into an era of prosperity. They almost lost hope when the Princess was kidnapped by a dragon last month, but after her highly-publicized rescue by the White Knight, they now gather in the streets to celebrate the crowning of their new Queen.

    But before the coronation ceremony can begin, the crown is stolen! Now all the guests are suspects. Work together (or not) to unravel the mystery of who stole the crown. Come prepared for a wacky mystery of royal proportions!"

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    Three rounds = 5 courses of medieval cuisine. Maybe 7 courses with the introduction and a 'post-mortem'. AWESOME PARTTYYYYY PLLLLAAANNNNNN!!!!!
    "but, masters, remember that I am an ass; though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass" W.S.
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    Seriously, this appeals to me on a basic level. It's a way to cross that socially awkward barrier to dinner parties. I have friends who love my culinary art but I want to have even MORE fun.
    "but, masters, remember that I am an ass; though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass" W.S.
    Wheaton's Law; "Don't be a dick." It's not THAT hard.
    Crawl. Walk. Run. Fly!
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  • Even more miniatures have been added! Less than 48hrs to go!
    Please share the link and help spread the word!

  • Just started a Kickstarter for Fudge Dice. 
    Since Fate Core exploded late last year, the dice selection has stayed abysmal. So if you are looking for Fudge dice with a little more shine than what is out there, click below. Even if you're not looking for more dice, the video is worth a chuckle and spread the word.


  • Almost halfway to the goal! Good time to jump in, the voting for the blue dice color just started yesterday!

    Translucent Fudge dice are well on their way to becoming a reality.
    Also a big thank you to those who are tweeting, sharing, posting or reposting the link. It is our shared effort that is making this KS a success!
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    Good Evening. I am one of the 8000 that has been selected to get the google glass from google.  I have set up an indiegogo site looking to raise funds for a pair. Thank you for your time. 

  • Jericho's World a full color all ages comic book. 
    Jericho is a little boy with a big imagination. His fantasy adventures in his head play out in real life to cause him a lot of trouble. This is the tale of how a little boy with a ton of creativity learns how to use that gift to do good in his community instead of get in trouble. 
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    Only a couple thousand left till we hit funding! Here's some photoshop fun to motivate the masses ^_^

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    Nerds love Art too.  
    Hi Guys, Our project is trying to get our artist friend's new T-shirt company off the ground.  The images that he draws come from a wide range of inspiration.  There is a lot of fantasy involved.  There is also a set of three images that are the Jack, the Queen and the King.  I hope that some of you will take the time to check out my friend Donald's project.  You can view it here:
  • Please fund my video game:

  • Down to the final hours! We only need $1600 to get another color of Fudge dice! Click over and take a look if you're in the market for dice.
  • Congrats on getting funded @zulmia! I can't wait for my set to arrive!
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    For fans of Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind series comes an amazing official Bicycle Playing card deck! Check it out:
    "All your problems today have been solved by Tabz, a computer, and God."
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    I wanted to share our kickstarter with the community. We are making a documentary about this amazing artist Adamo. Adamo is from west africa and was born with physical disabiliites - but he has over come all of these challenges with an inspirational attitude. He is like everyone else and he can too "Moi Aussi" can be a human being.

    Check out the kickstarter, support and spread it within your own communities. It's the potential of collective power.
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