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Hey guys!

We don't often post Kickstarters on our social media because we get flooded with them every day, but we wanted to give folks a place to talk about their own Kickstarter! 

So if you have something cool that our community should know about, post about it here!
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  • Hi there! We're working on Hipsters: The Card Game, and are currently funding on Kickstarter. Our game is simple to learn, tough to master, and provides enough wit and social commentary to make even waiting for your turn a fun experience. 

    Our game is for 2-4 players and rounds usually take around 10-15 minutes. We suggest between 3-5 rounds per game, but that can be tailored to however much time you have to play. 

    We have a demo video as well as a free 2-player print & play up on our Kickstarter page, so please check it out and see what you think. If you like what we have to offer, please back us and show your support. If you really like what we're doing, you can help us even more by sharing our project with your friends and family.

    Thank you all for checking out Hipsters!

    On Kickstarter @
    Check out our game on Kickstarter @
  • Hi here! We're on Kickstarter right now for Magicians - A Language learning RPG

    "Magicians is about having unlimited creativity without complexity. The only thing that restrains you and your character is your own knowledge of the language because the magic system in the game is a language. Doing away with the necessity of a teacher or even dice, all you need is your smartphone and a few hours a week to game with friends to have fun telling a great story and to learn a language along the way.

    Magicians will connect you to your character, motivate and push you to do more, learn more and make you feel like you're living out one of your favorite fantasy novels. People who love books like the Harry Potter series, the Earthsea books or The Magicians will have a great time using Magicians to tell coming of age stories about students of magic learning about power and responsibility, pride and humility, trying to grow up with the ability to remake the world at their fingertips. "

    There's also the sharkbone podcast here

  • I did not create either of these games, but I wanted to help promote them as I think they are very cool and hope others will like them and support them too.

    Storm the Castle is a Semi Co-Operative Fantasy Battle board game.  Each of the players is an evil marauding force trying to storm the heroes' castle.  While you work together on some parts, each player is trying to be the first one inside.

    Boss Monster is a Dungeon-Building card game.  Each player is an evil boss trying to build their dungeon the best to attract heroes and kill them before you, the evil boss, is killed.  The first one to kill and collect 10 souls wins.

    I'm also keeping an eye on Dungeon Heroes, which is a two-player game and there aren't a lot of fun two-player games.  I like that one person is the heroes and one person is the evil dungeon lord and each has their own goals.  I also like tile-laying games and this one looks good.
  • Evening All thought I'd post this on here for all your please

    Impact Miniatures is doing a 

    Chibi Dungeon Adventurers now w/ Cthulhu & Monsters & Ponies


    yes you read right they are doing Chibi styled miniatures and you can have Cthulhu and some cute little ponies. 

    For you Pony Lovers [You know who I am talking yes You Bronine!!!!] 

    for those whom love the Tentacle evil aliens/demons

    With 11 days to go and plenty of minis to have and pledge levels to choose from please take the Time to support Chris and Tom from Impact Miniatures.

    Lord Greywolf 
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  • Working on a geek book inspired by a post on the G&S Forum. It's a book with submitted stories by geeks to help inspire others and let people know it's ok to be a geek.

    It's called Murloc Soup For The Geek Soul. I have an Indiegogo here

    I am taking submissions until the end of the month (Halloween!). Some categories are - conventions
    (the con game),
    - advice (what makes it all worthwhile), - heroes
    (fanboy/fangirl moments), - transition into geekdom (how i found my inner

    I am mainly looking for funding to help cover the costs of professional copy editing and some promo materials. Otherwise I will be using a self publishing site (possibly CreateSpace) so it will be available on Amazon or in print copy.

    Hoping to have it done in November so it's for sale for Christmas time.
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    Hi there, I'm a Portland, Oregon based Film Editor and Stop Motion animation enthusiast that has been asked to be a part of the following project; if you love H.P. Lovecraft, you have GOT to check out this amazing stop-motion animated adaptation that is currently in production by a small team of people known as the Might Sons of Morning collective. Attached is their current running Indiegogo project to raise money to help replace broken equipment, upgrade outdated equipment and generally finish fabrication on the remaining puppets and sets for the film- Call of Cthulu. There are really awesome incentives too! So if you're into Stop-Motion animation, or love H.P. Lovecraft, please take a minute to check this project out, and if you have the funds, please donate! Every small amount helps us reach our goal!
    Thanks so much, and good luck to everyone else out there with their current running projects!!!
  • Iron age is pen&paper role playing game developed by Stjepan
    Levačić in Croatia. Project starter as an idea two years ago. From then on I
    used all of my spare time for countless hours of researching, writing,
    developing system I would most enjoy playing.


    Long passed is Age of Gold, age of silver is history as is age of
    bronze. It is dawn of Iron, age of death and man. As guardians are pushed back,
    evil crawls forth from deepest recesses of world to embrace world of man and
    draw it into primeval darkness.

    Most of known world is ruled by Empires of man. Most powerful among
    them is mighty Roman Empire.

    Iron was gift from primordial forces to man as it allowed them to
    push children of light back into their forests. Giving men strength to
    exterminate them.

    Yet as darkness grows strong, light strikes back. Guardians are born
    into world of flesh again to challenge darkness that threatens to draw world
    back into primordial goo it crawled out of eons ago. Great heroes are born with
    will and strength to challenge champions of dark. Yet world is divided and some
    embraced their ambitions. Riches and power are temptation most of great man
    fail to resist. As Empire rots from within remains of Guardians, Elves, Dwarves
    and few among man fight to stop the tide. Yet will it be enough, will heroes of
    world be able to stop black tide. It is up to you.

    Become hero of Iron Age, and fight for what you believe in, even if
    that means your own ambition.

    Become warrior of light, mighty sorcerer, soldier in armies of Rome,
    great General, Necromancer, Elementalist, craftsman, top official in
    government, dragon rider, gladiator, Archangel your path is your own to choose.
    System of Iron are will allow you to experience game in way you desire. Whether
    you like gritty dark mysteries filled with occult incidents and dangers, or
    you’d like to experience your own zombie apocalypse, great epic where works of
    single group of people may impact upon world as whole or love novel, Iron age
    will be experience you won’t forget.

    Choose Iron Age and experience ancient sagas, great historical
    battles, assassinations or fantasy epic first handedly!



    Iron age is reversed d20 system. It uses d4,d6,d10, d12, d20 and
    percentile die. Each die has specific role to play. D4 is used as
    characteristic die, d6 is location and initiative die, d 10 is damage die, d12
    is magic and mental disorder die, d20 is skill die.

    System allows you to
    completely customize your character by choosing from seven different races
    (Human/Continental, Human/ Mediterranean, Human/Nordic, Human/
    Steppe, Dwarf, Feykin/ Elf, Fey/ Nymph), great
    number of specific illustrated 
    backgrounds available for each race
    (Wyrm hunter, Warrior clan,
    Queens guard, Bolgi, Arverni noble, Roman Legionar, Equites, Aspect of spring,
    and many more each of which will grant you specific equipment and
    characteristic bonuses…),  Positive and negative traits (that
    allow you to increase certain primary characteristic, enter sub race : Vampire,
    Raherryn-incarnated Guardian/arch-angel, Danherryn- daemon trapped in mortal
    body, Werewolf, Half elf etc.; or gain some race specific benefit: elven
    archer, dwarven fighter, family heirloom etc.)


    If you for whatever reason decide to conquer Ancient Europe, you’ll
    have that option at your disposal. Play general of mighty armies, and use Iron
    Age mass combat system for easier and faster battles.


    Project is at it’s end yet we need your help for final touch. Visit
    our project on indiegogo and help us realize it. If you like project and yet
    cannot afford to support us with money, you can still share our project, over
    mail, social networks, blogs, channels etc. For more information visit  and
    download shortened rules with introduction and adventure Anointed by Mars. 

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    I know this is meant for the crowd funding campaigns we've started, but I felt this needed to be posted somewhere, even if I am not the creator. And I didn't want to crowd the forum with another thread dedicated solely to one campaign. So I thought I'd post it here instead. Also, I know this isn't very "geek" oriented, so I am sorry for anyone who feels it's a waste of time.

    As a parent, when I first saw this indiegogo campaign I knew that it was something that needed to be supported. It's called LEO, and it is a wristwatch for children that is cell phone and GPS enabled, in order to help prevent child abductions, it even has a direct 9-1-1 gps panic button, that could help stop an abduction in progress. Here is the link:

    As I said, I am a parent, I have three young children and a baby, so I worry all the time about their safety. And hearing all the news reports about children being taken from their homes, and all the horrible things that happen to them that I don't even feel comfortable repeating here, can drive a parent insane, especially when some of it happens in your own neighbourhood. So a device like this truly would give any parent a better sense of safety.

    Once again, I am sorry for those who think I've just wasted your time with this, but it's something I support, and something that could possibly help protect the lives of children everywhere.
  • I'm Thomas Eliot, head designer at Sixpence Games. Our first project, Professor Pugnacious' Portfolio of Perils, Pugilism, and Perfidy-the Card Game of Victorian Combat, is out on Kickstarter now. The Kickstarter page does a better job of explaining and pitching it than I could here:

    It's only 2 days into the campaign and we've already raised 25% of our required funding. At this rate we're going to get the whole thing funded really quick and move into getting our reach goals, two expansions and a mini-expansion, really quick! So check it out, donate, and spread the word.

    One thing that might entice you to donate: for $1, you can get a complete Print and Play copy of the game, plus an mp3 of the theme music. Yeah, theme music!
  • Hi guys, 

    I'm James Weeks, director of the geek and video gamer film Pwned! Our Kickstarter is located at:

    We are really reaching out to the geek and gamer community to get this gem kicked into production. We are attempting to make THE geek anthm. A movie tailor made for the internet generation without the ignorance or intervention of Hollywood. We have an amazing team on board, as well as established bands, so please take a look and help out a great project.


  • Hi guys, 

    Bit of an update. To make things easier for folks to back the project with paypal and cc we've movied to Indiegogo:


    James Weeks

  • This artwork is the most adorable geeky art I've ever seen.  Geek Love Greeting Cards features two robots as they travel through various geeky worlds:
  • Ok, here is something that some geeks out there might like. It's taken quite a bit of time, but with the help everyone in their community Sunstone Games has finally got their second run at kickstarter up and running,

    The game is called Kaiju Combat, and, for those who haven't guessed it, it's a fighting game that features Kaiju/Giant Monster. All the information you need is on the campaign page and the wiki
    There is even a very active community, who will get to vote on the monsters and features that make it into the game,
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm the art director of a mobile game called "Axle"a unique platform game that takes place inside the clockwork of
    WWII era machinery.

    You play as a gear, named Axle, who is built to fix
    toys. Axle's dreams of adventure come true when he is swept up in a journey that will
    land him right in the middle of machines bigger and badder than he could ever imagine. With unique rolling and magnetizing game mechanics, an original electroswing score,
    and a rich steampunk world, Axle is sure to be a platformer game unlike any other!

    Our link is here! We'd love if you could drop by and check it out!

    We only have a few hours left to make our second funding goal to afford to release on iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 phones, Kindle Fire, and Ouya!

  • After months of preparation we are finally ready to present our Indiegogo Campaign! AGM believes this is the best way to showcase our entire project in one big violent package! Our Dragon Wargame utilizes CCG style cards to give our Drakes a massive selection of spells and abilities. Summoned Creatures, buffs and de-buffs, wild spells and blasts of pure energy are all in the cards. Our first deck the “Universe Deck” will be sold in an open format allowing you to pick the exact packs of cards that suit you best. Exciting and unique Creatures and Troop types fill typical Mini Wargaming battlefield roles, some are even created on the spot!

    Enjoy these excellent new concept pieces. Corbrulo, Hellion of the Deep is a deadly summoned creature from the SAAN Dragon force with a host of wild abilities. The Terris is an Assassin creature with only one thing on its mind, killing you. The Vol’Ven is a mysterious Dragon species who’s allies are as deadly as they are beautiful. Check out our website and new forum for more details, a video detailing rules and game play will be out soon.

    Check out our Indiegogo site, and Violent Promo video, for more info. A new video detailing rules and game play will be out very soon. We hope to have your support making our Dragons come to life!

    Come check out our website at


    Support our Indiegogo Campaign at

  • Funding campaign ends today! Book will be out soon! Preorder now!
  • Hi everyone... a friend and I have recently launched a kickstarter project that is a board/TCG hybrid called 'Battle for Endemia' - a game set in the far future where players battle for the last resourceful planet in the galaxy. please check out our page and help us spread the word if youre interested. We have a little over 40 days to reach our goal... thx !!

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    llo good p
    eople from Geekandsundry!

    Our Democratic Arts Magazine needs your support on Kickstarter! Flowsee Magazine will be a monthly free Arts Magazine where all the content is chosen by the readers and the artists, not by the editors. Our goal is to help the artists, especially the young and non-professional ones to get more exposure and visibility.

    Please back us or share, your support would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
  • Hello everyone! We need your support to help bring our project, Martial Arts: The Trading Card Game to reality. Our game is a card game that uses real martial arts (no walking on walls or weird things like pulling out guns during the fight). It's been playtested by hardcore card gamers, martial artists, and people who are completely new to both. This game is quick to get into yet deep to master, offering fast paced action and cool strategies that utilize actual martial art styles!

    Please back us here:

    Thank you so much in advance. Any amount of support will help! Funded, we can produce this game and give everyone a chance to experience Martial Arts wherever they are!
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