Recommend a Tabletop?

So the normal classical board games are what I've played for YEARS! but over the years they have become ... boring! I've sent ages looking through games, there are tones I want to play, but what my family might like is a different matter so - can you recommend a good starting game for a family, no RPG please (I'm willing the bet I'm the only one in my family that would get that). Age range is something like 20-65.

Thank you :)


  • A great intro to modern board games which may very well blow your family's mind is a cooperative board game.

    So start with Forbidden Island.

    If they find that too easy, move on to Forbidden Desert and Pandemic.

    Otherwise, the old staples with simple rules but reasonable depth of strategy: Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and a brand new one that's good too is Kingdomino.

    Card games like Sushi Go or No Thanks are also very good places to start.

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  • Perfect - thank you :)
    I shall get hold of a few of those mentioned and give them a go.

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