Critical Role 2nd Campaign 3D Animated Fanimation.


So for the last week, I have been working on a 3D Animated Fanimation for some snippets of the new campaign. I'm a 3D animation student and I thought it'd be a fun challenge to take some cuts from the new campaign and make an animation to them.

I am going for low poly because its easier to model and rig in a sense. I have modeled 6 out of the 8 characters (Frumkin being the 8th character), and have almost finished rigging Jester. It's going to take a bit until I can completely finish my first animation which is only going to be around 30 seconds in length. But I am hoping that once I have a lot of the assets made I can produce more throughout the coming months.

I will be using the preception neuron motion-capture suit so the movements should be somewhat "realistic" therefore animating shouldn't be too much of a hassle, though it will still be hard. I want to also add nice looking camera shots, depth of field, and motion to make it feel like a truly good animation.

I have never really posted anything within the community so I just wanted to gauge everyone thoughts on this. Whether they would want to see it completed, maybe some fan-favorite moments within the campaign I could refer to for an animation stuff like that.

Here is a link to an unlisted video on my youtube channel with some render test ->

Road Bumps

Cloth - With so much cloth in a fantasy world that one thing that's going to be an issue with simulation but I hope to get over that.

Low poly – With low poly modeling there are some key features that I had to not include because of the small size and difficulty in adding them to a character.

Facial Features – I decided to not go with facial features because of animation time and it doesn't really fit with the style I'm going for, I hope to achieve character through the voice of the actors who play the character and through the movements I will create.

Render times – I will be using the Redshift renderer on my rendering computer to put out the rendered shots. Though it looks beautiful. It takes time. I am aiming for a 5 minute or less render with GI and depth of field. So if its max a 5 minute render per frame and I want a 30-second animation that would be 900 frames x 5 minutes which is 75 hours on one pc. Which is days of rendering unless I can find a way to increase render speed. By either optimizing the scene which means removing some quality or pay for a render farm.

I know its a long post but the point is, after a week and hours of work to model the characters I guess I just am kinda burning out a tad. Not that I don't wanna continue but I feel like my end product is so far. But I know I'm getting closer and closer to my final product which is nice. Heres a list of some things I need to complete for my final animation.

  • Background characters, lots of different colors, races, shapes, and sizes.
  • Supporting characters.
  • Props and weapons.
  • I need to model Yasha and Frumkin
  • I need to rig EVERYONE, Background, and supporting characters.
  • I need to record Main character mocap, supporting character mocap, and background character mocap.
  • I need to create the scene in which the animation will take place.
  • I need to record camera motion and set up camera placements.
  • I need to storyboard my scene.
  • I need to set up lighting.
  • And etcetera.

Theres a lot to be
done but I think it will be a fun project to work on for the next
few weeks.

Id like your
opinions cause I could go on all day talking about this.

I also hope to post
updates along the way like the video above. And maybe even after I
make the video I could make a making of video going throught the


  • *Update 1*

    So update! I have spent the last two days trying to rig what I thought would be the most simple character, Caleb. Yesterday I rigged Caleb up to perfection, but I needed the bottom part of his overcoat thing to actually act like cloth. I tried multiple ways to rig it using IK's and nhairs. I was unfamiliar with nCloth and I was afraid to touch it. But through hours of trial, error, and crashes I submitted to nCloth and learned how to do it. At the end of my day (which is about 1 pm as I have a flipped sleep schedule) I finally believed I had solved my cloth problem but had another problem with the rig not working with my motion capture files. I decided that since I believe to have solved my cloth problem, and since I know how to do everything else I would start a new tomorrow and rig Caleb once more.

    So today I woke up around 1:30 am, I spent a few hours waking up, eating, watching Arrow then at 4 am I got to work. The best thing was is that I got to work while I watched the newest critical role in the background. I created the Caleb rig, had cloth simulation working and everything rigged in just two hours. With that rig done I could base my other character meshes around it to easier rig it. All in all, today I was able to rig Caleb, Nott, Fjord, and Beauregard. I know that Jester will be the hardest to rig while Molly and Yasha are and should be the same difficulty as the others.

    I still need to model Yasha, because she is a little harder to do in my eyes so I've been holding it off. I need to create at least 3 types of males and 3 types of females as background characters with a bunch of varying colors. And some supporting characters for my short clip of animation. But once done with all that I will be VERY close.

    I'll be excited to finish the rigs and release some cool renders with poses and all that!

  • only know blender for now, but id love to throw in a helping hand :)
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