Where is everyone?

I've noticed that there has been no activity here for almost a year? What has happened?


  • Sorry, I wasn't thinking, I figured it out. The page wasn't well organized so I wasn't able to tell when posts were made right away. Sorry for the useless post.
  • Still... these forums are now a wasteland. Geek & Sundry haven't supported them for more than year (about the same time Alpha launched), and have possibly forgotten they exist.

    There are the Team Hooman forums, but even those don't seem to be active.

    I suspect there's somewhere else where G&S fans interact, but it's no longer on these forums, or even really on Team Hooman.

    Given that G&S have all but abandoned YouTube for Alpha and Twitch, which I don't have the time to watch/pay for, I really am not on the pulse with what's happening any more.
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  • Dang this all seemed to happen around the time Legendary stepped in. I don't really want to pay for content either. I loved that it was a free network for creativity and nerdism to collaborate. And I fell in love with The Guild. Is there any place where that still exsists?
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