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Hallo guys,

I'm desperately looking for a solution to organize my whole collection of the Settlers of Catan games. Sadly I can't find anything online on my own. Do you have an idea?
I'm not crafty so I need something I could buy.^^

Thanks for the help!


  • I'm not aware of any ready-made ones (from e.g. Broken Token or Meeple Realty) but working with foam core to make your own insert isn't all that difficult.

    Foam Core board can be purchased from pretty much any craft store, and you'll also need a good quality cutting knife and a self-healing cutting mat.

    Here's some example Catan inserts that people have made:

    And have a watch of the video tutorials on this page to get an idea on how to get started.

    The good thing is that foam core is reasonably cheap, so if you screw up, it doesn't take much more money to try again (just a bit more time).

    I'm not very crafty either but I've made about 6 or 7 foam core inserts for games so far, and my skills are improving with each one :)
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