Ideas and feedback on homebrew class, Waymage

Hey guys, so I know I'm being a bit ambitious here, as I'm still newer to the DM scene, but I'm starting a campaign in March that I'm really excited about. However, the Homebrew class I'm working on is feeling a little... off. If any of you have advice or suggestions, please let me know. I would appreciate it if you would try to be considerate in how you word things! So on to the class.

The premise of the campaign is that there is a door in the middle of a farmer's field, no place it seems to lead to, just a door. It appeared  about a year ago in this small village, that resides between Candlekeep and the Woods of Sharp Teeth on the sword coast. No one who has gone through the door has come back out, but there are rumors that there are amazing treasures, riches, and knowledge behind it. The village has seen an influx of adventurers and treasure seekers, and has begun to grow, recently renaming itself Doorshold, and this is where the characters meet, all finding their own reasons for venturing through the door. Once they enter the door though, they find themselves in a hall that is full of more doors, and at the furthest end a grandfather clock that is ticking to an irregular rhythm. Upon looking behind them, they realise that the door they came through has disappeared. 
Basically, each door leads to a different place, and while I'm researching the different planes and such(as it will come in to play with the story) I needed a reason for them to be doors that lead to different planes, worlds, and so on so forth. So I created a backstory(which I would love to discuss if anyone finds themselves interested) and had this idea for a new class. They are similar to Planewalker but they have key differences. So far, I am calling them Waymages. 
They are beings who were brought between planes while still unborn, and as such are born with odd abilities. These abilities lie dormant until the being in question is feeling threatened or trapped, and then their powers manifest. With no training(level 0), their, for lack of a better term, wild magic, is that whenever they open a door, it can lead absolutely anywhere. The door stays open between 3-60 minutes(three d-20) and then closes and reverts back to its original destination. 
With training, the waymage can start to control where they are going, how the door manifests, and how long the "way" stays open.Highest level and you can even create a door from nothing. Controlled waymage magic will mean the doors stay linked permanently, until they reach a certain level and can close it purposefully. With me so far? 
Anyway, the little that I have written down about class levels are just scribbles, and I'm trying to refine them a bit, but I can't stop thinking about the class in terms of the story! 
I have that at level 3, they can create a door that is big enough for a hand to fit in and link it to a cubby they have placed magic on before. It is usually used as a control training method, and typically used for a sort of mailbox between the waymage and whoever opens the door to the cubby. 
At level four, they have a vague control over where the door goes, such as if it goes to the outer realms, the astral planes or the material planes. 
The only other thing I have is that at level 20, they can create and/or link doors to anywhere that they have either been, or have sufficient knowledge of. The also are able to link doors to their will, such as only appearing on one plane(door in the field) but not on the other(no door in the hall). If their life force begins to wane, then so does their link to the door. 
What do you guys think? Is it doable? What recommendations or words of caution do you have on this? This is homebrew and more focused on creativity than traditional rules,  but I'd still like it to make sense.Since I am having such a hard time not working on this from a story perspective, I'd value advice from a clearer point of view! Thanks all!

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