Cthulhu Warlock Done Right!. Character backstory

So i made a warlock recently and here is his backstory. So many nods to the original Lovecraftian story. some direct quotes and i think a really nice twist on the warlock pact as a whole. please let me know what you think:

Ah'legeth was once a research scholar at one of the most prestigious colleges in Shennontau. Whilst not at the top of his field, he worked hard and was passionate about his research, often getting lost for weeks at a time in a single tome or fragment of ancient text. His field was that of the occult, from ancient cults and practices to dark forgotten gods and whispered of realms. Most of the time the research didn’t come to much fruition, and the little that did wasn’t seen as very important to the other academics in the college, as it had “no real world applications”. Even still, Ah’legeth enjoyed his chosen subject and paid little mind to the snide words of his fellow researchers. Incidentally he preferred to keep his own company to that of others, gladly choosing the comforts of the library over the din and effrontery of the colleges dining club.After a recent auctions the college had acquired a number of treasures from a scavenging ships recent haul. One of these treasures was a Bas-relief made of a strange obsidian like stone that seemed to be of occult origins. The bas-relief was a rough rectangle less than an inch thick and about five by six inches in area; obviously of modern origin. Its designs, however, were far from modern in atmosphere and suggestion;with prehistoric text in such cryptic regularity that modern writing could not reproduce.Above these apparent hieroglyphics was a figure of evidently pictorial intent, though its impressionistic execution forbade a very clear idea of its nature. It seemed to be a sort of monster, or symbol representing a monster, of a simultaneous features of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature.It adorned a pulpy, tentacled head similar to that of the rare and malevolent beings known as Illithid. The head was surmounted on a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings. Behind the figure was a vague suggestion of a Cyclopean architectural background.Above the image of the creature was an object inlaid into the stone of the bas-relief itself,a small coin with similar designs to that of the rest of the grotesque fresco. Ah’legeth tried to remove the coin to inspect it further, however no amount of tinkering or brute force could release the coin from its setting. After trying for the better part of three hours to part the coin from the bas–relief, he resigned to make some base notes of observation and try other means in the morning, hoping a decent nights rest would imbue him with inspiration of a means to remove the coin and continue his work.The rest however did not come. All night Ah’legeth was plagued with horrific and vivid nightmares. Impossibly huge cyclopean cities, masses of writhing tentacles that stank of death and ichor, lashing out from unseen darkness, trying to grasp at his limbs and drag him into their obsidian depths. Visions of a burning world outside the city, the sky full of flying creatures with twisted features and leathery bat-like wings. Underneath this all were the sounds of incomprehensible whispers. These whispers seemed to come from the city itself, from dozens of voices and yet somehow one unified voice. All these whispers came together to assault his senses, and it felt as if they were trying to pierce through him and speak to his very soul. Over and over they spoke one phrase, a phrase that showed likeness to no known language on this plane. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”.Ah’legeth woke in a cold sweat, the lingering of the whispers still in his mind. When at first he opened his eyes it seemed the tentacles had followed him from his dream. He rubbed them almost frantically and they disappeared. As Ah’legeth tried to catch his breath the visions of his dream slowly disappeared from his waking memory, followed very gradually by the feeling of horror that had caught in his throat. After around 10 minutes he managed to collect 

his composure, and tried his best to dismiss this nightmare as a result of his imagination and his excitement over having a new artefact to work with.Over the next few days Ah’legeth continued to work on the bas-relief, noting down any hieroglyphs he could decipher and cross referencing them in any occult texts he could find that may help him discover their origin. He had quite quickly given up on removing the coin, as it seemed almost stubbornly embedded in the stone. And any other methods he could try to remove it presented the danger of possibly damaging the bas-relief itself. Every day he would work on the artefact, every day he cursed himself for getting no further in the research to when he started. Every night the horrible dreams returned. The dreams continued, all of similar scenes. Each night they became more vivid and the feeling of horror and dread began to increase with each slumber. As time went on Ah’legeth became more and more obsessed with the bas-relief, more determined to uncover its secrets. He would lock himself away for days at a time, not even leaving for food or drink. At first the other members of the college took no real note of this behaviour. Ah’legeth had always been a recluse and had often gotten carried away with his research. Eventually however they began to notice strange things in his manner. He never left his study, rarely came out for meal times, and on the occasions when he did his appearance startled them. His clothes were dirty and unchanged, his hair unkempt. His cheeks were gaunt and his skin seemed to cling to his bones, showing the details of his skeleton. Most unnerving of all were his eyes. Around his eyes were dark circles, and it was clear he had not been sleeping. His eyes themselves however were open wide to the point of being unnatural. They darted around the room as if frantically searching for something, and yet there seemed to be no life to them.His pupils were almost pinpricks and his irises seemed to be almost dull and colourless. Whenever people saw him, he would be talking to himself, rambling about his research and using words that none of them had ever heard before. The more prestigious members of the college tried to talk to him, but he would never unlock his door or pay them any heed, and all that could be heard behind the door were more bizarre ramblings. They began to fear for his sanity.In truth so did Ah’legeth. He was desperate to decipher the hieroglyphs and symbols on the bas-relief, to find its origin and the meaning of its depictions. He barely slept. Partly this was as he was tooengrossed in his research, mainly it was through fear of the returning nightmares.They had persisted every night since first laying eyes on the bas-relief. He could not make them stop, could not close his eyes without the images appearing in the darkness, could not have silence without hearing quiet whispers in the back of his mind. It was as if the dreams were slowly forcing their way into his waking world, clawing their way in by scratching at his sanity.Eventually Ah’legeth could take no more. Shouting to the darkness he begged for the torture to stop, begged for the nightmares to cease. He begged the voices to leave him be, promised them any price they wanted. He begged them for answers, the answers he could not find, that tortured his waking mind whilst the nightmares assailed his slumbers. A sobbing mess on the cold floor of his study, Ah’legeth succumbed to his exhaustion and sleep took him. Once again the dreams returned. This time however, things were different. He was in a different part of the cyclopean city to any he had visited before. He was stood before an immense carved door with the now familiar squid-dragon bas-relief carved into it. From behind these 

doors Ah’legeth heard the same voices. This time it was loud. So loud that he had to clutch his ears in pain as they sounded, all speaking as one. They spoke the same arcane language as they always had, except this time he could understand them. They spoke one phrase out loud “ahnyth ya ng Y' ymg' ephaizhro ah'li”. This is what he heard out loud. But in his mind he understood. “serve me and I will end your torture”. Ah’legeth fell to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks. “Yes!” he cried. “My soul is yours! Just end these nightmares!”As the Whispers turned into a laugh, a vile, malicious laugh, the titan doors slowly opened. Ah’legeth’s voice caught in his throat, the tears seemed to freeze before they released, as staring back at through the partial opening in the doors, was a colossal, monstrous eye. Ah’legeth woke suddenly. The voices still whispered at him, the images still plagued the outskirts of his vision. This time however they did not bring the same horror. They were by no means comforting, but they now seemed to have a familiarity to them. Still not convinced it was anything but a nightmare, another means to torture his mind, Ah’legeth made his way to the bathroom.He splashed water on his face, and froze as he looked up and saw that same monstrous eye staring at him. After a moment it dawned on him. The eye looking back at him was his own. His right eye now mirrored the appearance of the elder being he saw through the doors in his dream. He looked closer at it in the mirror. Where the whites of his eye once were was now the same obsidian black he had seen many times in the dream city and on the bas-relief. His iris was now bright yellow as opposed to it’s previous green. And his pupil, instead of a circle, was now the likeness of the infinity symbol.Remembering the bas-relief suddenly Ah’legeth rushed to his study and picked it up. Looking at it intently, with his new other worldly gift,  the symbols that had for so long frustrated him with their mystery now made perfect sense to him. He laughed at how blind he had been, how inconceivably obvious it was. The laugh came out in a cold, rasping voice. He hadn’t made a sound above a whisper in a long time.In the symbols on the bas-relief was written the same phrase he had heard every night since first gazing at it “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”. Ah’legeth spoke the words aloud, the hint of a smile on the edge of his mouth. “In his house in R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”As the last word left his lips the coin embedded in the bas-relief fell away from the stone. Ah’legeth caught it in his free hand and instantly felt a surge of eldritch power fill him from head to toe. The power was incredible, and Ah’legeth laughed again and thanked his new master, the Great Cthulhu for giving him this gift. He promised to use this power to become strong and serve his master as he had promised. He looked down in his hand. Where the bas-relief once was was now a large book, bound in the skin of a human face. Ah’legeth’s eyes widened at thought of  the secrets in this book of shadows, long forgotten secrets from an elder world that were only he could unlock. Ah’legeth laughed again, it’s volume and mania echoing throughout the college halls, disturbing anyone who could hear it as they dreamed.For a time Ah’legeth waded in the sea of knowledge and secrets laid before him. But he was soon to learn that this pact with an elder god was to come at a price. The final gift given to him by the Great Cthulhu. The gift that was promised. Ah’legeth was no longer plagued by torturous nightmares. Ah’legeth was no longer plagued by any dreams at all. For no matter 

how much he tried, no matter what forms of spell, or potion or occult ritual were used, Ah’legeth could not find sleep. At first he was glad. The nightmares were gone and he could spend every second pouring through the pages of his new macabre grimoire without hindrance. But soon he realised that this gift was a cruel one, for when a mortal has nothing for comfort or rest except for the whispers in his mind, you begin to beg for the peaceful silence of a dreamless sleep.

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