[Savannah, GA] Players wanted for weekly drop-in/West Marches-style Dungeon World campaign

Hi there. CargoCulture here. You may remember me from such campaigns as "Glomdrot, Grick Astley, and You" and "Jedi - Threat or Menace?"

I'm looking to transition my existing bi-weekly Dungeon World campaign over to a drop-in West Marches-style campaign to ensure a quorum every week. Right now I have six players who are fairly regular, but I'd love to bring more folks on board. I'm hoping that you, YES YOU, are available and local to me!

This is a good fit for folks who can't commit to every week but can commit to most or some weeks. Ideally I'll fit 5 or 6 around my table on a weighted first-come, first-served basis.

I host at my house in Magnolia Park every other Wednesday, more or less, starting at 8pm and going to 12am or so. No smoking, but my table is beer-friendly.

Interested, or know somebody that is? I'd love to hear from you!

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