I am making an RPG

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I've been working on this game for a bit, and thought it was about time to spread this beyond my circle of friends. At this point I'm considering it to be a very early alpha version, and am hoping for a bit of feedback on the rules.

Once this game is complete I hope to release it for free online. If you're interested, here's a link:


Conspiracy: Division Six is a roleplaying game based around a simple concept. Simple rules and complex stories. The idea behind this game is simple. In many different stories there is a faceless government organization dedicated to fighting the bizarre, the mystical, and the unexplained. While the organizations themselves are presented as terrifying and powerful, the individual agents always seem to die rather quickly. These agents are used as background characters or extras whose deaths are meant to show just how powerful the threat is. In this game the players are trying to survive as these agents.

Conspiracy: Division Six is a rules-light game designed to require the players have three things: a sheet of paper, a pencil, and some regular six-sided dice. No special equipment, no need to go to a game store or order things online. Just things you can get anywhere, a quick character creation, and your response team is ready to save the world.


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