Web-based campaign manager and mapping tool that I made

Hello everyone! I discovered Felicia with The Guild and it brought me to Geek and Sundray. A few years later I made a tool to draw maps for my DnD games and I tought about sharing it with the world and this community naturally came to mind.

Take a look at it here : http://hextml.playest.net

And tell me what you think ? What can be improved ?

I have a patreon if you want to support me or get news about updates and stuff.

Feel free to give me advice. Also, I would love to see a picture of the map you made (download as image in the Maps tab).


  • For the holidays everyone gets a premium account. You can use it's google account to save its project on
    the server (keep saving your map on your computer, it's still in beta).
    To enable it just go into the Account tab.

    I also implemented Fog of war. You can paint fog of war on your hex.
    By default those hexes are just darker but if you enable it in the menu
    bar those hexes will become blank. If you share the map with anyone with
    the link in the account tab the fog of war will be enabled by default.

  • A new version is out: http://hextml.playest.net/
    Have fun with it :)
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