Looking for gaming group in Vaasa, Finland

I'm new to Finland and don't speak Finnish or Swedish, but I'm still hoping to find a gaming group in Vaasa.  I live in the Palosaari area and I'm physically disabled, so getting around is difficult until I have the money together to ship my car from Canada.  My dice and books are still back in Canada, too.

Anyway, Call of Cthulhu is my favourite, but I'm also experienced with D&D 3/3.5 and Savage Worlds-based games.  I'm open to new systems, and I'm even down to play board games.

I also like video games, especially horror games.  I used to get together with my friends Friday nights to play horror games, and whoever was best was in charge of the controller.  It was rarely me, I'm afraid, but I'm quite good at, "To your left!  Hide behind that thing!"  Good times.
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