Website needs some SERIOUS work

Seriously? You've got auto-play ads WITH AUDIO on pages with embedded video? Not to mention the horrific scrolling bug that continually scrolls you to a particular location on the page. Your site is  almost completely unusable. 


  • Not to mention you've got a hexagon pattern under text for your forums.... Your web developer needs to go back to school.
  • ZuffyZuffy Member, Moderator
    edited July 2017 PM
    Best to mention this first: I'm just a community moderator, I'm NOT employed by G&S in any capacity.

    With that out of the way, take a look at my past posts; you will see that I tried and tried and tried to convince them to sort out the forum, but ultimately, the company that bought G&S has no time for or interest in this forum and has abandoned it. The current website is pretty much a copy & paste of the Nerdist website (which has no forum), which for me at least, explains why the website style sheets destroy the forum styles.

    Anyway, the forum has been this broken for two years now and the website is pretty much (imo) just an ad delivery platform, and a pretty awful one at that.

    So yeah, my advice would be to give up on this site and find the community elsewhere (if you want). There's a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and a bunch of other places.

    Here's a thread, which may help elucidate things:

    A further example: back in the "before time" we had ten or so active moderators with plenty to keep us busy, now only two of us still visit here and that's mostly to make posts such as this and do a little "housekeeping" for the few users who remain.
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  • MolokovMolokov Member, Moderator
    What Zuffy said :) I'm the other moderator (or possibly one of a few).
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