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Good afternoon. I have only recently got into Critical Role through a friend in our gaming group. I am well behind having only just seen the completion of the Trial of the Take. Thank god for You Tube so I can enjoy catching up on the antics of Vox Machina. The interaction and skill of the players is an inspiration to all gamers. We are just about to start our first game of D&D in years based on what we have seen. Keep it up and may all your dice roll exactly how you want them!!


  • MolokovMolokov Member, Moderator
    Hello! You've come to the wrong place!

    By that, I mean that these forums were abandoned by Geek and Sundry well over a year ago, and most of the forum regulars rarely post here either. Instead, try out the Team Hooman forums at
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  • Thanks for the heads up. I'll try there.
  • Been a fan of this show since the beginning. Great show. Im also new here, (see my introduction post). Sad that G&S does not support the community here :-(
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