Batman the Boardgame at GenCon

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Good morning Gotham!

Today, we take things to another level with the very first pictures of a miniature from our upcoming board game, painted by Martin Grandbarbe. And it is no other than the Dark Knight himself!

This is a resin cast from a sculpt by Arnaud Boudoiron and the painting is inspired by Jim Lee's Hush, just like the sculpt itself.

Stay tunedimage


  • Bane has entered the scene, showing off his potential 

  • More Minis have been announced...Can you tell me if you know these..

  • You know what...?
    I wish my painting skills were this good. Can you guess who it is?
  • There are some details about the game play in these videos from the UK Gaming Expo.


  • With a bigger and bigger list of announcements of villains and heroes, this game is shaping up to be epic. I am look forward to seeing Two-Face and Joker (of course.) And I will be wondering if there will be an Alfred....!

    Be sweet if he was there as a playable character or NPC
  • If you are interested in tasting a little grit of Gotham City, Batman demos will be run at GenCon in a few weeks. Hall G 3063
  • Monolith have announced, at GENCON, that Batman the Boardgame will be coming to Kickstarter in February 2018. And they are looking at a 10 month turnaround in the the production of the game, much like Mythic Battles: Panteon. So, it should be on your shelf's by Christmas 2018.
    The price point, kicking around at the moment is $130 for the base game. This higher price is due to the royalty's that have been and have to be paid to Warner, for the licence. A serious amount of money has already been invested into the project. Meaning that this could be a make or break project. As Fred Henry (the designer and founder of Monolith posted on BGG) said that if it makes less than than Conan ($3million) they would pull the plug...But I can't see that happening, can you?

    ...It's Batman!
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