Batman the Boardgame at GenCon

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Good morning Gotham!

Today, we take things to another level with the very first pictures of a miniature from our upcoming board game, painted by Martin Grandbarbe. And it is no other than the Dark Knight himself!

This is a resin cast from a sculpt by Arnaud Boudoiron and the painting is inspired by Jim Lee's Hush, just like the sculpt itself.

Stay tunedimage


  • Bane has entered the scene, showing off his potential 

  • More Minis have been announced...Can you tell me if you know these..

  • You know what...?
    I wish my painting skills were this good. Can you guess who it is?
  • There are some details about the game play in these videos from the UK Gaming Expo.


  • With a bigger and bigger list of announcements of villains and heroes, this game is shaping up to be epic. I am look forward to seeing Two-Face and Joker (of course.) And I will be wondering if there will be an Alfred....!

    Be sweet if he was there as a playable character or NPC
  • If you are interested in tasting a little grit of Gotham City, Batman demos will be run at GenCon in a few weeks. Hall G 3063
  • Monolith have announced, at GENCON, that Batman the Boardgame will be coming to Kickstarter in February 2018. And they are looking at a 10 month turnaround in the the production of the game, much like Mythic Battles: Panteon. So, it should be on your shelf's by Christmas 2018.
    The price point, kicking around at the moment is $130 for the base game. This higher price is due to the royalty's that have been and have to be paid to Warner, for the licence. A serious amount of money has already been invested into the project. Meaning that this could be a make or break project. As Fred Henry (the designer and founder of Monolith posted on BGG) said that if it makes less than than Conan ($3million) they would pull the plug...But I can't see that happening, can you?

    ...It's Batman!
  • Not only are Jim Lee and Georges Clarenko works of are being use in the design of the game. Now David Finch joins the team.

    Active since 1993 in the comics world, he quickly forged himself a solid reputation, becoming a star-artist of his generation. He regularly pencils the adventures of Batman since 2010 and started with Batman #700 and Batman: The Return.
    He was also the lead artist and co-writer of the monthly issue Batman: The Dark Knight and one of the artists working with the writer Tom King on the Rebirth serie.
    He had the chance to design many of the secondary characters like White Rabbit or the heroes Gotham and Gotham Girl.

    He created an EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL ARTWORK for Batman: The Boardgame depicting the rooftops of Gotham City. David included Batman, of course, the Bat-signal and also some of the closest allies of Bruce Wayne. Such collaborations with artists who are part of Batman's legend testify Monolith's will to offer the core of what the Dark Knight is to the fans!

    And this is just the beginning...image
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