Thursdasy is GURPSDay! - Collection of blog posts

Thursday is GURPSDay, and for those that don't know, GURPSDay started in Feb 2013 or so, as an informal thing where certain bloggers would try and get posts up, sometimes coordinated, based on GURPS on Thursday, which happens also to be SJGames' release day for new products.

About two years ago, it drew positive notice from SJGames, and diverse bloggers helped me write and run a PERL script that will pull from RSS feeds that are made known to me (at [email protected]) and tagged or categorized "GURPS."

We're in the middle of GURPSDay's second year. And at the link below to Gaming Ballistic, you will find usually 40-60 posts each week on a very diverse set of topics.

With that: here's today's link: GURPS Day Summary Apr 14 – Apr 20, 2017

And if you're looking for the past, the posts are collected on the SJGForums here.
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