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New Member, long time viewer!

Hey guys! 

My name is Torie Osborne and I've been watching G&S related things for awhile now, but I just decided to make an account and talk to the wonderful people who watch these things with me! 

I also had a question and I wasn't quite sure where to put it, but I have been polling a lot of people around the internet and some of my friends, but I'm starting a D&D campaign with some new friends (I'm actually a player this time! Yay! Always a DM, never a PC) and I wanted to play a Druid who is a Drow.  Now I know the sunlight sensitivity isn't a HUGE deal for spellcasters and I didn't want to just ask my DM for sunglasses or I was wondering if there were any creative ways others had to get around the disadvantage. Or if you guys just think I should own it and play with the disadvantage all the time!

Thanks a lot guys and I look forward to talking to you! 

Also if there is another thread more appropriate for my question...please point me in the right direction! 


  • What about using a large hood or hat? Gives opportunities for mishaps like wind of a forceful blow to blind you suddenly by knocking your hat or hood off. Also gives some cool feeling to your character, a bit of mystery whenever you meet someone knew. "Who's the hooded character?" 

    Also I am knew here, so no idea about your second question! :P
  • BingoBardBingoBard Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    They have a couple of forums under a section called gaming. One of them being Pen & Paper. Perhaps that might be a good for place for future pen & paper game questions and conversations. Here is a link.

    I have not played the more recent versions of Dudgeon & Dragons. So I am not familiar with issues sunlight sensitivity. I am unsure how helpful I could be. If you explain it I can try coming up with some ideas, but I make no promises that I will able to suggest something.
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