Hello all!

I hope this isn't considered a solicitation post, as I'm not asking for money and the content I'm linking to is all owned by me.  I wanted to let the G&S community know that I've launched a new short-run whodunit mystery webcomic!  A blurb is below:


NO SECRETS ARE SAFE! Detective Cedric Dustin is a cop with a future: clever, cocky, and opportunistic. So when he receives an anonymous letter accusing a major financial figure of fraud, he jumps at the opportunity to advance his position. As he investigates, however, he discovers that he’s not the only recipient of a letter from the mysterious “L”, and he becomes entangled in the chaos that arises when dark truths are brought to light.

I have spent the last year an a half working on this story, and a huge portion of that time was spent watching G&S shows.  It only feels right that I should share that work with you all.

New pages post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon.  Please visit and check it out!


Ben Wright-Heuman
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