What are some great board games to play with non-gamers?

I recently stumbled across a game called skulls which seems like a variant of liars dice which ended up being fun for anyone. Some other games that my non gaming friends enjoyed were splendor and Betrayal of the House on the Hill (probably because of the traitor twist and story telling aspect of the game).


  • If people are truly "non-gamers" they tend to dislike rulesets that are longer than 5-minutes explanation time. So I'd try and play Party Games with that sort of group - i.e. stuff where it's all about having fun and making each other laugh and the actual "rules" and "scoring" isn't all that important.

    And luckily, The Dice Tower, just updated their list of great party games:

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  • Party games is probably where it's at, some non-party games can cater to everyone sometimes as well, few and far between. I went to a convention recently and social deduction games seem to be getting big. It was the first time that I played them and I can see the appeal for sure.
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    Party games aside, I think games like Tsuro are great for people like this - simple rules, but gameplay that's complex enough to be rewarding.
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