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YouTube Gaming?!?

I'm a big fan of YouTube Gaming's platform over Twitch's, as both for streaming and watching. And I understand that there's little incentive to overhaul the entire structure of Geek & Sundry considering they already have about 30,000 Twitch subscribers and forums and info and content dedicated to their Twitch presence, but it would be nice to see more major streamers switch to a better service and have YouTube Gaming get some of the love and attention it deserves from established streamers.

I don't really anticipate Geek & Sundry to actually make the move, or even try YTG, I doubt any of them will even read or care about this post, but this is just me sharing my thoughts. Anyone else got something to add?


  • ZuffyZuffy Member, Moderator
    Nothing to add really, just wanted to let you know that G&S has abandoned these forums, no one official reads them. They are all but dead. :(

    You're better off trying one of the social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter are probably your best bet, but don't hold your breath.
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  • I gave YouTube a try, but I keep coming back to Twitch - bigger community, I suppose.
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