Music Compositions Inspired by D&D

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My name is Kade Jones and I've recently released a debut album called "Rise of the Rose". This was a work inspired by D&D. Having played for many years, i created the tracks based around characters and situations that i've experienced over time.

As a huge fan of Criticle Role and seeing the action pushed by some great music, i created a piece (below) specifically for Vox Machina. Although it's now called "Insurmountable", it's working title came from Grog's imfamous battle cry: "Vox Machina... F**k S**t up!" :) (Fans of CR should be able to tell when i made this).

The opening parts represent hordes of oncoming enemies. The main themed horns represent the boys and the violin sections represent the girls - hopefully the result shows the harmony of the group.

Let me know what you think as this album is my first time putting anything out to the public - and check out some of my other music at my YT chanel or at Soundcloud, both under KJee Music.

If anyone else has any fan-made or D&D inspired music, please feel free to post here.


  • Here's another song from the album which is good traveling music with some bagpipes and a time stamp change near the end.

  • Nice. I'd love to know what you used to create this epicness 
  • Thanks BadgerTheBrave.
    Most of my VSTs are EastWest Quantum Leap instruments with other instruments including Cinematic Guitars 2 as well as stock instruments from my DAW - Presonus Studio One Pro.

    I have a new album out now which i'm uploading over the next few days called "On the Edge of a Blade". this is inspired by my current D+D group, the Blades of Jeneria. Check it out here:
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    Here we go... I made this inspired by Vax'ildan's story right now and is a sweeping epic that hopefully represents the emotion to be played out... Go check me out for more as i've begun working on a project that will be songs made for the different places found in the world of Exandria.

    Also made the artwork and video :)

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