Final Season with Wil?

After all the posts Wil made, and his displeasure with thew new owners.  Is this his last season?  Will tabletop continue without him?


  • We don't know. Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower has predicted as such (in his 2017 predictions about the board game industry).

    I tend to agree.

    Given how S4 was delayed by months by Legendary - and the reason I *think* was because they wanted to launch it on Alpha (also a bad idea, from my POV), I suspect that has soured things for Wil, and Legendary's ownership of G&S in general. We were also promised S2 of Titansgrave, but who knows if that will ever happen (it certainly hasn't been shot yet).

    He's also got quite a bit of other work, and other issues he's dealing with so he may not want to do it.

    Whether Tabletop continues without him, who knows? There's already one or two board-game related shows on Twitch/Alpha (which I don't watch so don't know much about), so maybe they'll just start something new.

    Given that anyone who hasn't subscribed to Alpha has yet to see most of S4, we'll just have to wait and see.
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  • Given how often he referenced "doing another series without him" in the first episode I think it's on the cards sadly :(

    It's a shame, I would have happily kickstarted tabletop every year for a decade
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