G&S, give LARPS a season 3, then I'll sub to your project 'Alpha'

This show sure was great, a real unnoticed gem.  I would try out your Alpha channel if you had more than 1 show (Tabletop) worth paying for.


  • Thanks for the reply Zuffy, I guess now is a good enough time to unsub and ditch G&S since they stopped producing anything worth while.
  • Thank you for the kind words!
    Writer, "Evan" — LARPs: The Series
  • I agree, I liked the show a lot. The characters were great, I liked them all and loved they chemistry the whole cast shared. I hope all involved are successfully pursuing other projects -- anyone got any info on what they're up to?
  • There's a few things to check out while we try to piece together what we'd need to make LARPs S03:

     - A bunch of the cast and crew stream on Twitch—we cover every day of the week. I personally run an Exalted Third Edition campaign on most Sundays with Scott (Will) and Elizabeth (Shane), along with our production manager Kate. I also run an RPG Q&A show on Wednesdays (though that's on hiatus for a little bit).

    Scott, Elizabeth, and Kate have their own streams; Jonathan (Arthur) and Julian (Director) stream as well!

    Here are the URLs and Twitter handles (Twitter's often the best way to get up-to-the-minute info):

    Me: twitch.tv/JonVerrall @JonVerrall
    Elizabeth (Shane): twitch.tv/liz_lemon17 @elizabethaneale
    Scott (Will): twitch.tv/BiffTheBawss @shumphrey1212
    Jonathan (Arthur): twitch.tv/civilstrife @jt_silver
    Julian (Director): twitch.tv/TheCoolian @JStamboulieh
    Kate (Production Manager): twitch.tv/zen_r0b0 @zen_r0b0

    - Julian and Ben (director and producer) have started to release short films on their YouTube channel. You can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/beanduck

    - A whole slew of us are working in the video game industry, as voices, directors, writers, etc.

    And you can always reach us by emailing [email protected] if you have more questions or info.

    Thanks for watching!
    Writer, "Evan" — LARPs: The Series
  • I kind of feel like even if it takes a little while, it'll be worth while. After seeing the ending to season 2.....it just left a huge cliff hanger in my opinion. What adventures will happen now that they're in a Shadowrun-esk LARP? How will Cyber-Noctis differ from The Rogue Noctis. Will there be anymore TPK's? Either way.....i'm looking forward to if a Season 3 comes out.
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