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G&S, give LARPS a season 3, then I'll sub to your project 'Alpha'

This show sure was great, a real unnoticed gem.  I would try out your Alpha channel if you had more than 1 show (Tabletop) worth paying for.


  • ZuffyZuffy Member, Moderator
    No one from G&S reads the forum, the last G&S person to do so left a short while ago.
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  • Thanks for the reply Zuffy, I guess now is a good enough time to unsub and ditch G&S since they stopped producing anything worth while.
  • Thank you for the kind words!
    Writer, "Evan" — LARPs: The Series
  • I agree, I liked the show a lot. The characters were great, I liked them all and loved they chemistry the whole cast shared. I hope all involved are successfully pursuing other projects -- anyone got any info on what they're up to?
  • There's a few things to check out while we try to piece together what we'd need to make LARPs S03:

     - A bunch of the cast and crew stream on Twitch—we cover every day of the week. I personally run an Exalted Third Edition campaign on most Sundays with Scott (Will) and Elizabeth (Shane), along with our production manager Kate. I also run an RPG Q&A show on Wednesdays (though that's on hiatus for a little bit).

    Scott, Elizabeth, and Kate have their own streams; Jonathan (Arthur) and Julian (Director) stream as well!

    Here are the URLs and Twitter handles (Twitter's often the best way to get up-to-the-minute info):

    Me: @JonVerrall
    Elizabeth (Shane): @elizabethaneale
    Scott (Will): @shumphrey1212
    Jonathan (Arthur): @jt_silver
    Julian (Director): @JStamboulieh
    Kate (Production Manager): @zen_r0b0

    - Julian and Ben (director and producer) have started to release short films on their YouTube channel. You can check them out here:

    - A whole slew of us are working in the video game industry, as voices, directors, writers, etc.

    And you can always reach us by emailing if you have more questions or info.

    Thanks for watching!
    Writer, "Evan" — LARPs: The Series
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