If you had the time and resources to make a game, what would it be?

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 To start off with, I would collaborate with the lovely fellows at Inkle Studios to make a piece of interactive fiction based on the Jeeves and wooster novels.


  • I have a few ideas for games I would like to see made, though I have neither the know how or the resources.

    My idea that would probably be the easiest to pull off is a side scroller where you play as a medieval monk. A demon has stolen the words out of all the books in the monestary and you have to get them back by collecting letters as you navigate each level and using them to solve a puzzle to move onto the next level.

    The gameplay would be mostly non-violent, focussed on navigating obstacles, evading enemies, and solving puzzles, but there would be power ups that would let you temporarily transform into a knight, archer, or wizard and fight the badguys directly.
  • While I would love to say an in-depth RPG with an amazing story line (thinking BioWare), I'd probably have to say platformer - easier to do (well, story isn't really important or as important compared to an RPG) and probably a much quicker development timeframe.
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