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Hi Guys,

As a game creator, I am always interested in what people like about games, and why. Often when I pick up a new game and play it for the first time, I feel that some key element was missed in the creation of the game. I was wondering if anyone else feels the same way. As such, I wanted to ask, What is one of your favorite game mechanic, and why do you like it?

As an example, I myself love strategic semi co-op games, with the possibility of betrayal from other players. The idea being that everyone is working towards a common goal, but one (or more) of the players might also have hidden goals. I love the feeling of intrigue that this creates.

That's me. What's your thoughts?


  • I tend to skew towards worker placement games - I just like the idea of "go here, get this" or "go here, do this" and the fact that you have (generally) more choices than workers, and that other players can possibly get in your way, causing you to have to rethink your strategy on the fly.

    In other words, it's a mechanic that allows for strategic planning, but tactical decisions (based on other player's actions).

    If there's a good luck factor in the game too, that tends to level the playing field a bit, which is great.

    Games that I really like in this category: Stone Age, Lords of Waterdeep, Viticulture, Euphoria, Raiders of the North Sea. (Yes, they're shorter ones. Haven't tried the big guns like Agricola or Caverna yet).
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  • I have to admit I really enjoyed Lords of Waterdeep the one chance I've had to play it. I find worker placement games can be done really well, but unfortunately can also easily be done very poorly. while this is true of any game mechanic, I myself find with worker placement games I either love it, or hate the game because of poor mechanic exicution.
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