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Can someone point me to a website that explains what the terms on the cards mean and how to use them?  For example, I have a card called Expose Evil.  It is an Instant.

It says, "Tap up to two target creatures. 

Invesitgate.  (Put a colorless Clue artifact token onto the battlefield with '2, Sacrifice this artifact:  Draw a card.')".

I don't know if it is talking about target creatures on my team or my opponent's team.  And after they are tapped, can they be used or are they useless until the next turn? 

So, again, is there some website that has better explanations for how the cards work?  Thanks for your help. 


  • I haven't played in close to two decades so I'm maybe not the best person to answer this, but until someone more knowledgeable comes along:

    Wikipedia appears to have most of the terms & rules explained:

    Or there's official rulebook pdfs (a basic version and a complete/comprehensive version) here:

    To answer your specific questions, at least to my dated understanding: if an effect doesn't explicitly state who the target must belong to then it can be either.  Generally the wording of the cards is very deliberate in that regard.  So Expose Evil could be used to tap up to two of your creatures, up to two of your opponents creatures, or one of each (or no creatures at all, since it says "up to").

    For the most part being tapped means a creature can't be used until their turn - they can't attack, block, or use abilities that have tapping as part of their cost.  I think they can still use abilities that don't require tapping to activate though (since they're still in play and there's not a general rule saying they can't).  And of course, there's cards/abilities that could untap them early.
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