Dear Legendary - whoever is responsible for G&S public relations is incompetent

There really is no other explanation for the total absence of information about the upcoming season of Tabletop. The only scraps that are known have come from other sources.

On the off chance that the schedule hasn't even been officially decided yet, then get off the pot and just say so. Another novel idea would be to give a reason for the delay to keep your highly intelligent target audience informed and mollified. You know, the opposite of feeling deliberately ignored and taken for granted.


  • I concur. I check everyday on YouTube to see if it has posted. I came here today because my searches have planted the rumor that Tabletop may be put behind a paywall with Legendary's new streaming service. I am praying that this is not true. If I have waited months to watch this new season and then be told that I'll have to pay to see it I will not even bother. So yeah, I'm a little nervous right now. Please send some news to put my mind at ease and dispel this awful rumor.
  • I agree it's a pity that there's been no announcement - Wil was hoping for a July release, but apparently Legendary delayed it until "later this year" but we don't know when that will be.

    In the meantime, go read the entries on Wil's blog about the games they played and maybe pick up one or two that seem interesting to you so that when Tabletop does air, you can play along :)
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  • This is mostly speculation but from what I've read it sounds like it might be the kinda content Legendary wants to offer on their new service but without putting it behind a required pay wall.  So my guess is they plan on doing something along the lines of how g&s does critical role, offering subscribers immediate access to past airings, then publishing them on this website a few days later and publicly on youtube a bit after that.  Would mean we don't have to worry about paying for it but we would have to wait for their service to launch.  Again, just speculation, but it would explain why they're all hush hush about it.
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