Season 5 idea, feature board gaming personalities

After hearing Wil give a shout out to people like Tom Vassal, Rhado, Shut up and sit down and others.  It would be great to see them next season. This would help grow the community and give more board game awareness.  Please make it happen, I'm ready to donate to a kickstarter or any fund raising to have this happen.


  • I personally think this would make for a great episode: either Tom, Zee, and Sam from The Dice Tower, or Tom, Rodney from Watch It Played, and Richard Ham (Rahdo).  The only problem with this would be the travel costs; they'd have to fly these people in (and Rahdo lives in Malta!).  Most of the guests on TT are celebrities local to southern Cali or within easy traveling distance.
  • DansterCDansterC Member
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    Rhado did say he's going to move back to the States, most likely this year due to circumstances.  I can't remember where he said it, might have been one of the Q&As during the time he was in FL..  Or it was at one of the cons.  But he did affirm he had to move back to the States.

    This is why I hope they'd do a kickstarter on this idea.  I'm sure they can fulfill the necessary funds to make this a reality.  They did get the money they needed for season 3
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