Looking for new Skirmish/War Game

Hello, all! I'm a bit new here, I've just recently discovered Geek and Sundry and have been really enjoying all of their cool shows. I had a pressing question and thought these forums would be a good place to search for some answers. Of course, I haven't done a whole lot of lurking on the forums, so hopefully I haven't come to the wrong place. If so, sorry!

Okay, so the question I'm going to ask requires me to give a Tolkien-level amount of backstory for clarity's sake, so warning: wall of text incoming!

When I was a kid I there were a handful of tabletop games I really enjoyed--I suppose you could refer to them as "miniature skirmish games," or something along those lines, because every time I see stuff for miniature wargames it's usually about Warhammer or WH40K or something along those lines (by the way, that's why I didn't post this question in the 'Miniatures' forum--it seemed like they were mostly talking about those type games). The games I remember fondly generally had a smaller scale and involved pre-painted miniatures, things like Heroscape and the WotC version of the Star Wars Miniatures game. I really enjoyed those type games, and now that I'm an adult and have (finally!) found some friends who are interested in tabletop gaming, I was looking for a similar-type game I could get into and possibly get them into. However, I have yet to find something that quite matches what I am looking for--allow me to explain why.

The two most important factors in a game I am looking for is that it (a) will not break the bank, and (b) is still in print/supported. The only miniatures game I have purchased in recent years is the Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers game. It passed requirement (a) with flying colors--I got the base set for thirty dollars, and it can support me and four other friends at once. However, the game has few expansions so far (just one, with rumors of a second coming sometime eventually?) and because it is made by Wizards, who torpedoed my beloved Heroscape and Star Wars, I am worried that it is only a matter of time before they just forget it even exists. Wizards has already been showing some of the same symptoms they did before they axed Heroscape--ie, news about new products for it is scarce, and their advertising seems to have forgotten its existence. That leads me to want to search for a different miniatures game, but all the other ones I have seen so far have had problems that have prevented me from wanting to buy them.

Since I used to play the Star Wars miniatures game my first instinct was to look for the D&D miniatures game that I used to see ads for around back during my childhood. That game is now long gone, however I did see several posts about a similar game called D&D Dungeon Command. I started to get excited when I saw the game was well-received, and although I was a bit concerned that a starter set had only enough figured for one person to play I was ready to try it out. However, then I saw that Wizards had abandoned that game too--it had just happened recently enough that the prices hadn't had time to skyrocket like Heroscape's did. The only other D&D game I saw of this type were some dungeon-crawler type games, whereas I am looking for a game where two or more people can bring custom teams/armies to fight each other. The other game I saw that interested me was the X-Wing miniatures game, however the price attached to it is problematic. $40 for just one X-Wing and two TIEs seems like a bit much when I can get the Planeswalker game for $30 and have enough for me and four of my friends to play. Still, as a Star Wars fan I am still tempted--but for now I'm looking for something else.

So does anyone have any suggestions for games like this that might be out there to look into. I know my question's rather long and involved, and I'm not sure if these type questions are usually asked on these forums. Still, any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
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