Podcast or mp3 for Critical role?

I would love to download all the critical role episodes. I just started watching them and I'm on the 7th episode, if I could get them as a podcast or in some MP3 format, that would be amazing- If it hasn't been done yet it should, it would be another way to raise money or pay the actors. So far all the youtube videos ---> mp3 have very limited time constraints, so I can't do it that way.

Any suggestions on how to do this would be great.


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    Find the Critical Role episodes playlist here:

    'Hope this helps.

    MOD EDIT: Sorry, but open discussion of how to download content from streaming sites is not allowed. Either make use of the PM feature or discuss it elsewhere. :)
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    In addition to the note above, a thread requesting the production of critical role audio in a podcast format is ok, one discussing how to copy the content is not.
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  • It's been about two weeks, I realize this thread is probably dead. I made an account just to post this. 

    That said. The fact that Critical role doesn't have an audio format is the biggest turn off for me. I don't want to invest hours of my time that I'm not at work earning a living watching it at home. It seems so incredibly simple to rip the audio in house, splice in audio advertisements in the middle like the adventure zone, and ship it out to itunes. 

    People are already telling each other how to rip the audio illegally like above so why aren't G&S doing it themselves. I just don't understand. 

    Thursday Knights has done it for free for 5 years without adds and it's amazing. What's the problem with an audio only format?
  • I agree on the Podcast format. Watching it eats up tons of time, a podcast would be greatly appreciated
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    I left my regular weekly game to cycle tour South East Asia. Having Critical Role in podcast form would be an absolute godsend, plus would go a long way to amend the RPG FOMO I am currently experiencing. 
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